The first anniversary of the great philanthropist of Iran

Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return

The first anniversary of the great philanthropist of Iran,

Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafezi

 Death is a gift that resides in all the living being and human is no exception to this rule, yet we are unaware of it. How hard it is to believe his death, to endure it, to be separated from him, and not to be able to see him, but what can be done, one must bow before God’s providence. Only his memories will forever remain in the hearts of his beloved and other benevolent benefactors.

The late Dr. Hafezi was elected as the head of the country’s school-building charity in 1999 and worked in this position for about 20 years. He had a PhD in Management from the University of Newport, California

It is hoped that he will be at peace with God and benefit from the forgiveness of Hazrat Haqq.

God bless him.

Amir Alaqeband

President of Barin Shemiranat Foundation

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