Performance report in 2017

گزارش عملکرد خیریه برین

Social work Department

  • Conducting more than 100 interviews with new clients and the ones who are already supported by the Foundation to record their status
  • Referral of more than 240 clients for psychiatric services and tracking them
  • Tracking the status of all clients (600 people) repeatedly.
  • Referral of 76 mother and student clients who are supported by the foundation for free dental services and referral of 7 students for free orthodontic services
  • Tracking more than 110 clients by the psychology department
  • Carrying out more than 100 visits to homes to track the client’s living conditions.
  • Referral of more than 30 mothers who are supported by the Foundation for free Pap smears.
  • Donation of more than 1,000 chicken and meat packages to clients for free.
  • Donation of more than 15 items of home appliances (wardrobe, TV, refrigerator, carpet, etc.)
  • Holding 51 internal meetings with social work department to check the situation.
  • Referral of more than 50 clients to medical centers for free medical examination and visit.
  • Donation of more than 50 grocery packages to clients.
  • Holding more than 20 workshops ( prevention of child sexual abuse and puberty, storytelling and psychology and laughter therapy).
  • Donation of a home purchase grant to a client.
  • Donation of 3 home deposit funds.
  • Donation of 5 tuition fees.
  • Referral of a client to free pool at their doctor’s discretion.
  • Donation of sports fund to clients.
  • Preparation of family status from the time of admission and reporting the information to management.
  • Preparation of tracking codes of the clients’ leases and home documents
  • Granting medical grants to clients who were not in good financial condition.
  • Celebrating the beginning of Mehr
  • Giving memorial gifts to clients at Barin 2017 Festival.
  • Donation of dowry to more than 10 people.

Psychology Department

  • Running 111 individual and academic counseling sessions.
  • Holding more than 60 sessions of art therapy classes for clients.

Education Department

  • Holding 6 math classes with abacus for free.
  • Receiving and recording the records of clients in the system and filing  their academic status
  • Donation of more than 400 books to clients for free.
  • Donation of more than 400 books to clients for free.
  • Holding more than 40 free remedial classes for clients.
  • Giving more than 500 packages of complete stationery packages and 560 bags to the clients.
  • Scholarships for more than 30 clients at Qalam Chi Center for free.
  • Referral of 10 clients to ICDL Foundation of Iran to learn computer for free.
  • Educational tracking and investigation of the cause of academic failure and progress of clients who are supported by Barin Foundation

School building Department

  • Taking a 20-class school from District 8 Education Department and its transformation into Amir Alaqband Girls’ High School.
  • Construction of four three-class and two-class schools in the less developed villages of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces. Two of these schools have been opened.
  • Carrying out the initial stages (registration and concluding contracts) for the construction of 12 rural schools in Sistan and Baluchestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, West Azerbaijan provinces in Salmas Koohsar region and five schools in Kermanshah province.

Financial Depatment

  • Payment of clients’ support costs in the amount of about 85 million Tomans.
  • Payment of clients’ salaries in the amount of about 373,568,000 Tomans.
  • Payment for the treatment of a number of clients in the amount of 7,873,000 Tomans.
  • Payment for sports classes for a number of clients in the amount of 4,214,000 Tomans.
  • Payment of scholarships and educational aid for clients in the amount of 32,083,000 Tomans.
  • Payment of the allowance to a number of clients in the amount of 34,314,000 Tomans.
  • Payment of home necessities to clients in the amount of 8,535,000 Tomans.
  • Payment for school preparation in deprived areas in the amount of 1,149,710,000 Tomans.
  • Repayment of Gharz al-Hasna loans to clients in the amount of 30,000,000 Tomans.
  • Holding Mehr Educational Festival for the clients and donating the educational supplies (stationery and shoes) to them in the amount of 41,776,000 Tomans.
  • Donating home appliances to 20 clients of the foundation
  • Donation to the earthquake victims of Kermanshah (Conex boxes, shoes, clothes, groceries, etc.) in the amount of more than 180,000,000 Tomans

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