A 3-class charity school in East Azerbaijan in cooperation with Barin Foundation

افتتاحیه مدرسه چاراویماق

If you are a supporter or follower of Barin Foundation, you know that this foundation, along with its main goal of identifying and building schools in deprived areas, has always helped the affected people in some way during natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. If we want to mention some activities of the foundation in this field, we can name the help to the earthquake-stricken people of Kermanshah or the flooded people of Golestan province and…
With the recent earthquake in East Azerbaijan province, Barin, with the help of his supporters, has been supporting the affected areas of the province in order to alleviate the grief of the province’s residente.
As we have seen and heard in the news, the earthquake in the mentioned province has caused damages to different cities and villages. As a result, the organization decided to build a new school in one of the cities of the province.
By examining the towns and villages of this region, it was found that the village of Qaleh Hosseinabad was facing a shortage of school, and with the forthcoming incident, it was necessary to provide a building to teach the students of this village.
Qala-e-Hosseinabad village is located in Charavimaq city, which is part of Tabriz city. According to the latest statistics, this village has a population of 465 people.
The 26th project of Barin Shemiranat Charity Foundation started with the ground-breaking ceremony of a three-class school in November 2019 with the help and support of a great donor.

The school has three educational classes and is located in a neighborhood close to the residents so that it won’t be difficult for the students of the village to travel. It should be noted that the above school is for the dear elementary school students.

The capacity of Qala-e-Hosseinabad school is estimated at 54 students, including 20 female students and 34 male students

Any activity with a good intention has many effects on the individuals and their social lives With the guidance and instructions of the CEO, Mr. Hassan Sidi; distinguished members of Maktab al-Nabi -in the presence of a group of benefactors and the respected Imam-Jome
have taken steps to build schools in the less developed villages of East Azerbaijan Provinceand the blessings of doing a good deed, especially school building, can not be counted On January 4, 2017, with the presence of a group of benefactors and the respected Imam-Jome ,a school in the village of Qala-e-Hosseinabad in Charavimaq city was opened
This school was built by Maktab al-Nabi (the Azerbaijanis who live in the capital city) With the help of God they intend to build a number of other schools in the area

May God Almighty grant them increasing success in this good cause.

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