A 3-class high school in Morkhani village


The ninth school construction project of Barin Foundation is in Morkhani village .This mountainous region is located in the deprived part of Dishmuk district of Kohkloyeh city.

Most of the men and women in this village are engaged in animal husbandry and rainfed agriculture.

The village has a population of more than 300 families, all of whom are Shia of the Twelve Imams. Imamzadeh Ali village is between Yasuj and Kohkloyeh and is part of Charam city.

The construction of the three-class high school of Barin Foundation was started in September 2017 .The area of the main building is 385 square meters and the area of sanitary service is 32-square-meter  .This school has been fully funded by  Barin Foundation’s donors. The village only accepts students in the elementary school. God willing, after the completion of the construction of Barin Foundation High School, students will be able to start studying.

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