A 6-calass school of Ferdows Brin No. 11 in Delzi village of West Azerbaijan province

مدسه فردوس برین ۱۱

 یAnother project of Barin Foundation is the construction of a 6-class school in the village of Delzi in the city of Salmas. Delazi village is one of the deprived areas of the country which is located in Silvana village of Kuhsar district. It is the largest village in the area. The village of Delzi is connected to the villages of Ereh, Khanavin from the north, to the village of Gozik, Balkans, Doostan from the south, to the village of Aston Rash from the west and to the village of Siveh in the east.
The connection between villages is via a dirt road that passes through the villages of Chehreik-Eliassy-Darab-Laura Shirin-and finally it reaches the village of Delzi. The distance from this village to the border is about 14 km by air. According to the statistics and the latest census conducted in 2016, has a population of 2039 people .Based on such a population, it’s obvious the number of children and adolescents in this village is significant.

The construction of a school in the village of Delzi

Due to the lack of a high school and the migration of the residents, this village was in dire need of a school. With the efforts and follow-up of the residents and officials of this region, and school-building donors ,and Barin Foundation a ground-breaking ceremony was held and the construction of a 6-class school started.

Construction of a school in the village of Delzi in the city of Salmas is the tenth project of  Barin Foundation. The ground-breaking ceremony was held in the presence of the director of  Barin Foundation, Mr. Jamshidian, and the relevant officials, as well as a number of villagers.

Details of the construction of the 6-class school of Ferdows Barin 11

Delzi School in Salmas was established for the first and second year of high school. According to the building space and the number of students, 6 classrooms were estimated to be built for this school. This space is suitable for 28 female and 77 male students. The 6-class Delzi School is named Ferdows Barin School No. 11. Safety principles have been observed in its construction and it is earthquake resistant.

Opening Ceremony of Ferdows Barin School No. 11

The construction of this educational center took about a year, and was finally completed in 2019. On July 11, 2019, Ferdows Barin School No. 11 was opened during a ceremony which was attended by a group of school-building donors. In addition to donors, representatives and officials of West Azerbaijan Province also participated in the ceremony. The opening of the school was also attended by students and residents of Delzi village. There was a warm and happy atmosphere for both residents and those who were involved in school construction.

The purpose of doing good deeds is to make our compatriots happy and create good feelings in them. Of course, contributing to good deeds such as school building has lasting results and will create a better feeling. This action is beyond all other good works.

Helping to educate students and working in this direction will remain for many years and will greatly help the growth and improvement of children’s education in all parts of Iran. Not to mention that it creates an indescribable feeling.

We hope to have a more beautiful society and a brighter future with the help and cooperation of all people who are can afford building schools.

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