A 6-class charity green school in Sistan and Baluchestan in cooperation with Barin Foundation

بازگشایی مدرسه رمین چابهار

Ground-breaking of a green school in the village of Ramin

In late March 2018, in Ramin village of Chabahar city of Sistan and Baluchestan province, the construction of two 6-class girls ‘and boys’ schools was started. The ceremony was held by the relevant officials of the region, the benevolent donor and the representatives of Barin Foundation. The construction cost of these schools, which is about one billion two hundred Tomans, has been paid by a benevolent donor and it has been determined that the names of each of the schools will be named after  late Ms. Razieh Begum Sajjadi and Mr. Gholamreza Chaharbaghi.

Environmentally friendly green schools

The construction of such schools is industrialized and they are designed and built with the LSF system. These schools are known as green schools due to the use of environmentally friendly materials, architectural design methods .Also these schools are constructed without environmental degradation. In the construction of these schools, the walls and roof of the building are made of high quality materials .All the process of construction is well-observed in terms of stability and resistance, insulation, safety and energy consumption. The construction of such kind is possible due to one of the innovations in which ultra-lightweight filler concrete is used on the walls instead of plastic foam or rock wool.One of the salient features of this type of construction is that it reduces the weight of the structure by up to 50% and increases its resistance to earthquakes and fires.

مدرسه چابهارمراحل ساخت مدرسه رمین

Infrastructure characteristics of green schools in the village of Ramin Chabahar

The area of ​​these schools is 3200 square meters, and the area of ​​each of the 6 classrooms is 500 square meters. The capacity of these 6 classes is about 180 to 240 students


Charity project of construction of a 6-class elementary school was opened with the presence of respected , well-educated and benevolent officials , and the honorable teacher- Ms. Behjat Chaharbaghi and a representative of Barin Shemiranat on 17/2/2021. Barin Shemiranat Charity Foundation hereby thanks and appreciates the valuable efforts of this decent lady.


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