A great effort to perform the play ”Beyond the Mirror ” for Kermanshah

نمایش-آن-سوی-آینه-بنیاد برین

نمایش-آن-سوی-آینه-بنیاد برین

Public relations:

With the cooperation of the actors of the play ”Beyond the Mirror ”, all the income from the show will be donated to the earthquake victims of Kermanshah.

In this regard, tickets will go on sale on Thursday, February 3, at 2:00 PM on Tiwal website. According to ISNA, the play Beyond the Mirror, directed by Ali Sarabi, will do its last performance on the stage on Sunday, February 6th. This play is performed with the support of Shahrzad Pardis Theater and Barin Foundation, and the spectators can pay different amounts, up to 150,000 Tomans, to buy tickets through Tiwal website.

ISNA news link: https: //w/ww.isna.ir/news/96111106702

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