Training and doing educational activities to the families who are supported by Barin Foundation in order to make them financially independent and empowered has been the first organizational priority of the Foundation since its inception, and fortunately it has achieved good results in this area. Collaborators of Barin Education Department have always strived to raise the level of education of children under the age of 18.

The fields of activity of the foundation's training group are as follows: Assessing the intelligence and talent of students and cultivating it (reviewing existing tests and selecting and preparing the desired test to measure intelligence and talent, etc., Segregating clients based on their municipal areas Holding IQ and talent tests and reporting the results to the clients and registering them in the system and their file Providing suggestions to students for having extra classes based on their IQ results Reviewing academic status (reviewing students' academic status based on each semester's result papers) In case of academic failure, the reason for failure and environmental and psychological factors will be checked.

Barin Training Unit is one of the growing units that has extensive interaction with the educational and research centers that are under its contract .This unit tries to increase the scope of its activities.