Arian’s father was released from prison with Barin Foundation efforts

12-year-old Arian is a member of the large family of Barin Charity Foundation (Saleh), which is now waiting for his father to return home after 3 years of hardship.

After psychological research and consultation with Arian dear family, we found out that they are living a difficult life due to the imprisonment of the head of the family. Arian’s father was in prison for premeditated murder (at the discretion of the court). With the efforts of  Barin Foundation’s social work Group (Saleh) and the unwavering support of the family’s attorney, we were able to obtain the consent of the victim’s family  and his release permission from the court by paying 150 million Tomans in compensation (the amount was paid by both  Barin Foundation and his the family).

In fact, Arian is one of the 700 members of Barin’s large family. All members of Barin family receive supportive services such as: receiving a monthly stipend for education, getting physical health treatment, participating in cultural programs for social health, benefiting from individual and group counseling and psychology, receiving a basket of goods, getting empowerment loans and stipend for purchasing essentials, receiving housing allowance and other services. We thank God and donors for giving us the ability to take a step forward to free this dear compatriot, and for us, there is no higher pleasure than seeing a happy smile on Arian’s lips.

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