Assistance to families affected by Corona disease

کمک به خانواده‌های آسیب دیده از کرونا

Unfortunately, the world has been struggling with a virus that originated in Wuhan, China, for months now .Due to its rapid outbreak many people have died and fallen victim. After the absolute quarantine of some countries, the rapid outbreak of the virus in these countries has stopped. By observing such a favorable situation, the governments have ended their quarantine and people have returned to their normal lives.But the situation of Corona in our country is a little different.

Our country was affected by the Chinese virus in early February, and after its spread in several cities and creating a catastrophic situation, many businesses closed. Many lost their incomes and many lost their jobs. Certainly, in this difficult situation, life for disadvantaged families has been more difficult than before, and it still is.

Even now, 5 months later, the shadow of this virus is still on our country.With the end of Corona’s holidays and the reopening of businesses, unfortunately, we are hearing the outbreak news of this virus. Life is going on, and we must not forget our compatriots and those who are struggling to manage their lives in these hard times.

Due to its connections, Barin Charity Foundation is well aware of the financial and living conditions of low-income families and will be by their side as usual.In this regard, with the help of a benevolent donor, we decided to prepare food packages and deliver them to these dear families.

 We were not alone on this, and with the help of Etka store, we were able to prepare 1000 packages and deliver them to the families affected by corona.

With the help of other friends, we prepared food packages contained oil, beans, macaroni, soy sugar, rice, and…These packages were donated to these loved ones, too.

Although these supplementary packages are small, it is hoped that they’ll reduce the difficulty of these days. We would like to thank Etka Organization and other friends for their generous cooperation and help. Hoping for better days filled with health for the patient people of our beloved country Iran.

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