Assistance to the earthquake victims in the west of the country

Public relations:

After Barin Foundation announcement to raise cash and non-cash donations to help the earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah, with the help of our friends and regular companions, we managed to send 2 trucks of your donated items to the earthquake-stricken areas.
(You can be informed about the details of the help through the Telegram channel

Also, 103 million Tomans of cash donations have been collected for these areas through the foundation’s donors, some of which will be allocated for the purchase of essential goods and the rest for the construction of damaged schools in the earthquake.

Now with your help, we have decided to rebuild the schools that have been damaged by the earthquake. Join us.
Pay your cash donations through:

Barin Charity Foundation’s Saman Bank Shaba number:

IR50 0560 0815 8102 2261 6000 01

Saman Bank card number:

621219861016580739 Contact: 22261599-22261600

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