Everywhere you look today, you can find people and organizations who have dedicated their lives and goals to charity. Although each charity work may focus on specific aspects such as health care, development, maintenance, school building, etc., in reality they are almost indistinguishable because their purpose is to improve the lives of people in society.

Welfare, comfort and ability of the people of a country will be very effective in having a happy and successful society.In some societies some people do not have a relative warefare and this has led to the formation of some governmental and non-governmental institutions around the world to help this segment of society that may have been remained invisible.

In our country, there are many charity foundations that have been established for various purposes and their focus is on identifying and helping disadvantaged people. The formation of these institutions in our country has a long history.

Establishment of charity organizations in the history of Iran

If we go back to the history of Iran, we will see that charitable affairs had been going on in Iran for many years and an important part of the ancient governments’ duties was allocated to help the poor people of the society.

تاسیس مراکز خیریه
Stablishment of charity center in Iran

Over time and with the progress of countries in various aspects, charity work also became more dynamic and advanced. Throughout history, especially in the early days of philanthropic activities, many wealthy and influential people had always sought to expand their charitable activities in various dimensions for the benefit of the weak and vulnerable.

Progress and popularization of charity activities

During the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah, the issue of homeless women and children was highly considered.

For this reason, the government at that time built a boarding orphanage for them in Tehran .This orphanage was completely independent.

Throughout history, various political and even social factors have sometimes hindered the progress of charity. But there have also been times when the same factors, such as war, disease, and the turmoil of society, have led to moves toward the advancement of charity works. We do not need to refer to very distant years for this.

During  Qajar period, when cholera and famine in Iran became a major problem in the society, Mirza Hossein Khan, Mushir al-Dawle, the Minister, began to create resources for the provision and distribution of free bread among the people.Another charity work that he did was holding a ceremony in which tickets were sold for the benefit of the poor.

Mirza Hossein Khan Mushir al-Dawle’s work can be considered as one of the first innovative and modern steps in order to obtain special resources for doing charity work in Iran. These movements gradually became more popular, first involving the wealthy and influential members of society, such as merchants and merchants, and then the masses. The traces of this trend can be found today in the creation of charity markets, holding various exhibitions and concerts and participating in cultural activities such as building schools and providing scholarships. We face these events almost every day.

تاسیس یتیم‌خانه
Stablishment of charity centers for homeless women and children

The impact of charity activities on sections of society

Almost from the late nineteenth century onwards, centers for the betterment of people’s lives began to change. For example, campaigns to combat child abuse were established and they identified children who did not have any rights at the time. There was also a campaign that ended slavery in Great Britain with its endless effort.

Such impacts caused this trend to be universal, and today we see campaigns aimed at improving the lives of people in society in various levels and forms. These campaigns have brought the general public together and led the whole society to higher levels of knowledge, culture and a better lifestyle.

School charity and school building future outlook

In order to have a closer look at charity work, we can consider school building in different countries. This activity is occurring in our country, too. As it is clear to all of us, our beloved country, Iran has placed various cities, provinces and villages in its heart and life is going on in every corner of the country. Yet there are many areas where families are having a hard time living, and unfortunately the children of these families are suffering the most due to financial difficulties or lack of facilities.

There are many children who, despite their talents and intelligence, have dropped out of school and have been forced to enter the job market in order to contribute to the family’s income. Certainly, in the future, such people will have a small social role in society, or some will avoid contact with people due to lack of self-confidence.

We cannot be indifferent to such people. Lack of empathy with our compatriots will cause us to have a weak, hopeless and undeveloped society in the future and it will directly or indirectly affect all members of society. One of the things that will keep us from creating such a society is building schools and helping to educate the children of our country. Participation in the establishment of educational centers in different regions, especially in low-income and disadvantaged areas, will create opportunities for many talents to flourish.Also there will be equal educational conditions for all children in Iran. This way, they will be able to be educated which is their right in life. One of the charity organizations that is proud to teach Iranian children is Barin Shemiranat Charity Foundation

خیریه بنیاد برین
Stablishment of charity centers for homeless women and children

Getting familiar with Barin school building charity works

Barin Foundation was established to promote and help educate Iranian children and adolescents. With the support and participation of school-building donors in different parts of the country, this institution has built several schools.

This charity started its activity in 2011 and has set its goal in improving the quality of life of the poor, especially children and adolescents. The activities that are currently taking place in Barin include:

  • Building school
  • Student scholarships
  • Financial assistance to low-income families
  • Supporting women who are the head of family
  • Holding various training classes for people who are supported by the foundation
  • And…

All of this charity’s efforts are for having a better welfare and society, and in line with this goal, in addition to focusing on building schools, Barin participates in any activity that brings comfort and happiness to its compatriots. If you look at the projects that have been done under the name of Barin, you will see that this foundation helps the victims of natural disasters, builds houses and shelters, holds various campagins,too.  Barin involves in any other charity works.

If you want to join Barin on this journey, you can visit the support page to learn more about how to work with this charity.