Construction of a 3-class middle school in Imamzadeh Ali village


The eighth school construction project in Imamzadeh Ali started in September 2016. This village is located in Sarfaryab district and is a part of Charam city in Kohkolouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province.

The construction of this school started in October 2016.The area of this school is 385 square meters and the area of sanitary services is 32 square meters.

This project is conducted by the school renovation team of Charam city and it’s funded by Barin Foundation.It will be completed in March 2018, God willing.

Imamzadeh Ali village is one of the touristic villages and is located in a valley, 75 km from Charam city and 85 km west of Yasuj. It’s also the capital of the province. The population of this village is more than a thousand people. The occupation of the people in this cold region is gardening, rainfed agriculture and animal husbandry.

The Shia people’s prophet has been buried on top of a small hill in Saadaat village which is located in Eshagh (or Sar Chenar) district.Next to this prophet’s tomb, there are for more graves. Samarqandi architects and carpenters have built the grave, dome and shrine of this Imamzade.The architecture is inspired by Mongolian style. This Imamzade has been built in the order of Mirza Alogh Beig.He’s Mirza Shahrokh’s son.



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