Construction of a school in Abgarmak village in Khuzestan

مدرسه در روستای آبگرمک

One of the projects of Barin Foundation in 2017 was the construction of a school in the village of Abgarmak in Khuzestan. The school is being built on an area of 600 square meters and it will have 3 classrooms.

The small and beautiful village of Abgarmak is one of the villages of Baghmalek city located in Khuzestan province. This small village is next to the city of Sidon. The residents of this village are about 450 people who live in the form of 80 families. Among this number, there are about 43 male and female students of different educational ages.

Construction of a school in Abgarmak Khuzestan

Facilities in Abgarmak village in Khuzestan

There was no school in this small village where children could study. The school where they studied was located outside the village and in the center of the city. Children, with great enthusiasm, traveled this long way to the city center every day to reach the school, and many of them got tired along the way. The long distance discouraged them from going to school and studying, and some of them dropped out of school. The distance from the village to the city center, where the school was located, was about 5 km. Many of these children had to walk along this route. This long journey had exhausted and worried the children and even their families.

School-building is one of the greatest and most valuable things a good person can do. There is no greater happiness than to provide opportunities for children and adolescents in this country to learn and acquire knowledge. With school building, acquiring culture and knowledge will be popularized in our beloved country, and its outcome will be reflected in the future.

Barin Foundation has done this important work with the help of charities, and is building a three-class school in the village of Abgarmak Sidon.

Ground-breaking of the school in Abgarmak village

In January 2017, the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the three-class school in the village of Abgarmak was held in the presence of two of the founders of the charity, the deputy head of the School Renovation Organization, and some of its founders and students. The area of this school is about 600 square meters, which belongs to the regional education department. To date, 50 percent of the school’s construction has been completed.

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