Donation of a dishwashing Conex box to the earthquake-stricken area of Kermanshah

کانکس شستشو-سرپل ذهاب

Public relations:

 Unfortunately, two months after Zagros earthquake, many families are still living in very difficult conditions in the earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah, especially the dear women of Kermanshah, who are facing many problems due to the cold and lack of hot water for washing clothes and utensils. At the suggestion and idea of ​​a friend who has launched a campaign to help the loved ones of Kermanshah, we prepared a dishwashing Conex box for women living in Sarpol-e-Zahab (Maskan-e-Mehr). With public assistance, we were able to hand over the dishwashing Conex box on the 9th of January.

Due to the unfavorable situation of dishwashing, we hope to be able to provide more dishwashing Conex boxes in the earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah with the help of benevolent benefactors.

Pay cash donations through:

Barin Charity Foundation’s Saman Bank Shaba number

IR50 0560 0815 8102 2261 6000 01

Saman Bank card number


Contact: 22261599-22261600

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