Financial aid to Chalous Razi Hospital

کمک مالی برین به بیمارستان رازی

These days, we are going through hard times and are in critical conditions due to the world’s conflict with the Chinese virus COVID 19.Like many countries, our country is in a state of emergency and the medical staff are working round the clock to help patients affected by the virus.

However, due to the lack of medical equipment in many cities, patients are treated in poor conditions. As you have heard in the news, the outbreak of this disease has spread even more in the northern cities of the country, and the medical units have faced a severe shortage of equipment.

Regarding the current situation and the urgent need for medical equipment in the northern cities, Barin Charity foundation decided to send financial aid to provide the necessary supplies and equipment for Chalous Razi Hospital .

For this purpose, after Barin Foundation negotiations with the director of Chalous Razi Hospital, the need for an oxygen generator was identified.

The total cost of purchasing and installing a 200-liter oxygen generator was 800,000,000 Tomans, of which 450,000,000 Tomans was donated by Barin Charity Foundation.The mentioned amount was transferred to the account of Farsar Tejarat Engineering Company.

By observing the hygienic guidelines and staying at home as much as possible, we can cut the chain of transmission of this virus and respect and gratitude the hard work of the medical staff of the country. It is hoped that all those affected by COVID 19 will recover as soon as possible and that all people around the world will be able to return to a normal, healthy life.

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