Helping the flooded people of Sistan and Baluchestan

These days we hear a lot of bad news, from the crash of a Ukrainian plane to an unprecedented flood in the south of Sistan and Baluchestan province. Also there is a lot of other bad news that has changed our mood these […]

The opening of the 10th Ferdows Barin School in Khorsab Village

Kharsab village in Azerbaijan province Kharsab village is located 63 km away from Urmia city in the green area of ​​Silvana Mahal Margour. This city is located in the southwest of West Azerbaijan province, 30 km west of Urmia city and in the […]

Holding confectionery workshop in Barin

If you are a follower of Barin charity activities, you know that this charity doesn’t only build schools, but it also runs various programs to achieve its goals, which is fighting cultural poverty and replacing the culture of boosting people’s self-esteem instead of […]

Reasons for educational inequality in 2019 entrance exam

Announcing the results of 2019 entrance exam, it was determined that 1,118,793 candidates participated in this year’s entrance exam. A high percentage of the candidates who won the top ranks were from special schools. In fact, more than 70 percent of the top […]

Kowsar No.8 Skills Training Workshop was launched with the support of Barin Foundation

In collaboration with several volunteer entrepreneurs of Barin Foundation (Saleh), Tehran’s Empowerment Headquarters and the Municipality of Tehran’s District 8, Kowsar No. 8   Training Workshop was launched .This work shop will be active in production of Iranian handicrafts with competitive quality as similar […]

Holding remedial classes for the children of Barin Foundation

Foundation Public Relations: One of the goals of the Foundation is to develop children’s educational talents and help improve their education. In this regard, as usual, but more coherently and with more intensive planning, students who are supported by Barin Foundation are able […]

With the help of Barin Foundation colleagues, all the children we support are waiting for the winter snow this year

As a child, with the onset of winter, we were looking forward to making a scarf and hat with the first snow and making the first snowman of the year. Our childhood was filled with the laughter from the bottom of our hearts, […]

The second exhibition of villagers and nomads’ capabilities ended its work

Date of publication: December 10, 2016 Barin News Public Relations: The second exhibition of the capabilities of villagers and nomads ended on Saturday with the slogan “Village is the center of production and value creation in the field of resistive economy” in the […]

The second exhibition of villagers’ capabilities

Public Relations: The second exhibition of villagers and nomads’ capabilities ended on Saturday with the slogan “Village is the center of production and value creation in the field of resistive economy” in the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions.

Performance report in 2016

Social work Department Education Department Psychology Department Employment Department School building Department Social work Department By the end of 2016, the foundation has provided services to 769 people in the form of 336 families. 40 families have been removed due to changes in […]

Performance report in 2015

Social work Department Psychology Department Empowerment Department Education Department Public Relations Department School building Department Financial Department Social work Department In 2015, a total of 276 families and 408 students were supported by the foundation and used its services. Visiting the homes of […]

Performance report in 2014

Social Work Department Psychology Department Education Department School building Department Social Work Department Identifying and accepting new clients Distribution of packing including all necessary nutritional items required, once every 3 months (four times a year Providing medical, psychiatric (completely free) and dental services […]

Running parenting and life skills classes

The concept of mental health is empowering people to recognize the factors that affect individual and social health, making the right decisions in choosing healthy behaviors, and ultimately following a “healthy lifestyle.” Due to the importance role of women in culture, development and […]

Build a school for me today, I will build Iran tomorrow

In line with the benevolent goals and social responsibility of companies, so far Barin Charity Foundation in cooperation with Tehran School Renovation Organization, has been able to build two large and well-equipped schools (20 and 25 classrooms) in Mallard province and in Phase […]