Ground-breaking of two schools in Hormozgan province

کلنگ زنی دو مدرسه در هرمزگان

Hormozgan province is one of the southern provinces of the country, which is located in the northern part of Strait of Hormuz. The province consists of 13 cities, each of which has many villages. If we want to mention some villages of this province, we can name Bidris Sandrak village and Khorchah village. With the help of its companions, Barin Foundation was able to identify these two villages, and by examining the situation of schools and the educational state of students in these areas, the board of directors decided to build two schools.

The board of directors of Barin, with the help of school-building donors, put the project of construction of two schools in the village of Bidris Sandrak and Khorchah in Hormozgan province on its agenda.

A two-class school in the village of Bidris Sandrak

The city of Sandrak is located in the city of Minab. Sandrak was originally a village that was eventually upgraded to Sandrak city in 2009. According to the census in 2016, this city has a population of approximately 8,944 people. A large part of the city’s 8,000-population consists of elementary school students. More precisely 2,500 primary school students are studying at Bedris Sandrak.

However, based on the statistics that Barin’s experts received, there was a need to build more schools in this area.

Since some villages in this city are considered as deprived areas, some families may not be able to educate their children. So it was necessary to build educational buildings there.

With studies conducted by the Foundation’s liaisons and the city of Sandrak, the project to build Al-Mohammad two-class school finally reached the stage of ground-breaking. The school has two classrooms for elementary school and it has a 101-square-meter area of land.

On October 16, 2016, the ground-breaking ceremony of Al-Mohammad School in Sandrak region was held in the presence of Engineer Najafi (Director General of Public Participation of the Renovation Organization), Mr. Jamshidian (Director of Barin Foundation) and Engineer Moradi (Deputy of Public Participation of Hormozgan School Renovation Department).

کلنگ زنی مدرسه در خورچاه
Ground-breaking ceremony in Khorchah village of Hormozgan

Three-class school in the village of Khorchah

Khorchah village, another region in Hormozgan province, is one of the areas of Bandar Lengeh. The village has a population of 570, according to the latest census, which includes 130 families. The noble and kind people of this region are mostly active in agriculture, animal husbandry and trade. Khorchah village, like Bidris Sandrak village, did not have enough schools due to the number of students and children who were ready to study in the area. This issue was found out during the foundation’s studies. This study resulted in a decision to build a three-class primary school.

The ground-breaking ceremony of this three-class school in Khorchah took place on October 16, 2016, in the presence of Mr. Jamshidian, the Foundation’s CEO. The area of land for this three-class primary school is 144 square meters.

Projects 21 and 22 of Barin Foundation

The two-class school in Bidris Sandrak and the three-class school in Khorchah are the 21st and 22nd projects of Barin School-Building Charity, which are currently unfinished and under construction. It is hoped that the children of our vast country will be able to start their education in a happy and beautiful environment after completion of these schools and take a step forward in the development of their society.

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