Helping families affected by Corona disease with the help if a respected benefactor

سری دوم کمک های مربوط به بیماری کرونا

Unfortunately, Corona phenomenon is global and borderless. It endangers the lives of the people of the world and its confrontation is achieved in the cooperation of the countries with each other at all levels. Therefore, we need to share our achievements with the world and use the achievements of the world for the benefit of our people . Also,the medical, social, economic and assistance programs for the vulnerable people of the society must be more than immediate actions. In this regard, many people are thinking of their compatriots who are struggling with the current situation of Corona,and they’re taking positive steps for their economic and livelihood issues.These steps might be small, but at least they’re paying their respects to their compatriots and fellow citizens.

In this respect , 100 food packages were prepared with the help of an honorable benefactor who who wanted to remain anonymous and Barin Shemiranat foundation and Etka chain companies.Each package contains rice, oil, soy,pasta, beans, tomato paste, etc. It was distributed among the families who are supported by Barin Shemiranat Foundation .The distribution was in accordance with the protocols issued by the state officials.

Thank you for the benevolent cooperation of the esteemed and noble charity, Etka Organization and other friends who helped in this way.

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