Helping the flooded people of Sistan and Baluchestan

سیل سیستان و بلوچستان

These days we hear a lot of bad news, from the crash of a Ukrainian plane to an unprecedented flood in the south of Sistan and Baluchestan province. Also there is a lot of other bad news that has changed our mood these days. In the midst of all this bad and sad news, Iranian people have not forgotten their sense of togetherness and are supporting people of Sistan and Baluchestan with their cash and non-cash donations. They are expressing their sympathy with them this way.

As always, Barin Charity Foundation is a bridge between Iranian compatriots, and by collecting public donations and transferring them to the affected areas, it’s showing the people of this province that all Iranians’ hearts are beating for Sistan and Baluchestan.

According to the news, flood has covered a large part of the south of the province and destroyed the houses, farms and livestock of the deprived people of Sistan and Baluchestan. You may not know that overally many people in Sistan and Baluchestan do not have a safe and secure place to live. They live in Kapar in general. And now this unfortunate flood has caused their Kapar and houses to be completely destroyed.

With the occurrence of this accident, there was an urgent need for sanitary equipment, heating, mineral water, food and warm clothes, etc. in this area, and Barin announced the need to send these items to the public on its Instagram page.

Collection and submission of public donations by Barin

Barin’s representatives were present in Sistan-Baluchestan province to help. They were informing the foundation of the region’s needs constantly. After Barin’s announcement on its Instagram page and the help of its contributors, it could receive cash and non-cash donations. Shortly afterwards, the needed items were purchased and packed. Then the packages along with donations were sent to the region.

In coordination with our representatives abroad, the contact number for collecting Iranian aid abroad was also announced and in 24 hours more than 100 million Tomans of public aid (inside and outside of Iran) was transferred to Barin’s account. $ 70 million of that amount was spent on medicine, and the rest was spent on supplies, food and water tankers.

Purchased medicines, food and hygienic items were ready to be shipped to the area after packing. Food items included stuff like canned fish, tuna, oil, macaroni and…. They were handed over to Sistan and Baluchestan Red Crescent warehouse by Barin’s representatives in the province .The items were distributed to thirteen people under the supervision of Barin’s representatives.

Due to the fact that it takes time to build water tankers, it was ordered to a workshop in this province to produce and deliver a certain number of tankers every day to be distributed in different areas. This is how all the cash and non-cash donations of Barin and the dear people of Iran reached the victims of Sistan and Baluchestan.

Continuing to send public donations to Sistan and Baluchestan

Currently, many flooded people in Sistan and Baluchestan live in tents and still need our help. Collecting and sending donations to the area is continuing in Barin Charity Foundation.

The need for blankets, warm clothes, food and hygienic items and medicine is a priority. If you want to contribute to this, you can donate your non-cash donations to Barin Charity Foundation at Unit 2, No. 14, Alley 14 ,Shahid Sanjabi Street ,Madar Square ,Mirdamad Boulevard.  Send or contact Barin to coordinate with this institution.

You can send your cash donations to the card number 621986101658080739 or the account number 1-81022261600-815 at Saman Bank.

Join Barin in doing benevolent activities.

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