Holding remedial classes for the children of Barin Foundation

Foundation Public Relations:

One of the goals of the Foundation is to develop children’s educational talents and help improve their education. In this regard, as usual, but more coherently and with more intensive planning, students who are supported by Barin Foundation are able to participate in teaching and remedial classes every Thursday. On November 27 of this year, 6 groups in the fifth and sixth grades of elementary school participated in math classes. The children are invited to attend the classes based on their own needs, as well as the study that have been done by Educational Officer of Barin Foundation.

Remedial class teachers, who are invited to teach, are top students that volunteer to work with charity centers. According to Abbasian, the head of Barin Foundation’s education department, on Thursdays, Barin Foundation is hosting students who are doing their best to create their future. Effort is the first duty of every human being. We are on the way to improve the living standards of the children of Barin, hoping that one day no child will be deprived of education due to poverty. We also hope to see the children of Barin Foundation succeed.

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