Holding the third series of art therapy workshops

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Art therapy is a convenient and easy way for children to express their feelings and thoughts, because they are naturally artistic and creative. It is easier for a young child to express his feelings with a crayon and marker than to speak in words.

Questions and answers may frighten children, especially when they are forced to use their limited vocabulary to explain a story or feeling. For this reason, art therapy is a useful and effective way to communicate and can be replaced with speaking and explaining. This method is especially effective in dealing with previous painful events that occurred to the child.

When a child experiences a very bitter event, that experience is recorded in his or her subconscious and affects his or her future. It is not easy for children to talk about such events and topics, especially when they are emotionally involved. By using art therapy, the child can reveal his hidden feelings, and the art therapist will then be able to treat the child’s suffering and problems.

Does art therapy really help children?

Art therapy can help children in different ways and in different situations. You can see examples of this below. Of course, art therapy facilities are not limited to these examples:

Art therapy is very effective in relieving mental health problems in children.

Art therapy can allow a child to talk about the death of their father, mother, brother or sister.

Art therapy helps children with learning difficulties.

Art therapy can help children with emotional problems.

Art therapy can help children with their mental and cognitive activities.

Art therapy can help children who have been abused and be able to talk about their physical and sexual abuse.

Art therapy can help children with cancer.

Art therapy can be used to improve children with schizophrenia.

These are just some of the few advantages of art therapy that you can use to help children. Art therapy can also help children achieve self-awareness, relief from anxiety and worry, cope with learning disabilities, autism and other bitter experiences.

With the help of art therapy, the child receives treatments that are in line with his or her strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This treatment process helps children of all ages and races. These workshops are being held as two-hour sessions in the summer of 2017. It should be noted that the students participating in these classes have been selected according to the needs assessment of the psychology and psychological evaluation.

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