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Brin Foundation, with registration number 28935, has been operating in the Welfare Organization since 1390 and has so far covered more than 1,000 students from primary school to university and has played a direct role in the construction and operation of more than 20 schools. School building is a top priority.

How to create a better world?

A smile can be gifted to the children of this land. We can play a crucial role in their growth and education.
They are the ones who are going to build the future of this country.


Physical progress

Physical progress of Shirin Bolagh four-class project in Chaypareh city of West Azerbaijan province

Construction of a six-class Charity school in cooperation with Barin Foundation in East Azerbaijan Province

The school-building benefactors, with their deep understanding of the necessity of developing knowledge and the talents of children of this region, have helped to achieve bright horizons that deserve to be praised and honoured. Therefore, a respected donor with the collaboration of Barin […]

Construction of a participatory three-class Charity School, East Azarbaijan Province

Every nation that invests in education will be the first in the world in terms of economy, health, culture and communication, and will provide a suitable state for their country at all levels with micro, medium and macro planning. To flourish the talents […]

Barin Foundation

Barin Charity Foundation (Saleh) was registered in 2011 with the registration number 28935 in Welfare Organization of the country.The main mission of this institute is to support homeless children or bad guardian Children also construction and repair of schools and educational centers in the country. Brin Foundation has more than 1000 students during its 7 years of activity covered from elementary school to university and more than 20 schools are in operation and under construction

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