I will build a school for my mother

In the name of God

He took my hand and stepped up to learn how to walk

I grew up with a grandmother who took the path of goodness and charity from a young age. Everytime she talked about helping and loving needy families,a sense of kindness and empthy would grow inside me. My gandmother did most of her charitable activities in connection with Kahrizak. The days she went to Kahrizak and returned, there was a freshness and special energy in our house, so I made a vow to myself to take this path when I grow up. The older I got, the more I became familiar with my grandmother’s work. She was one of the well-known benefactors in our neighborhood and was involved in all the charitable activities .She was a myth of love, self-sacrifice, kindness, and empathy for me.
Up until now,I have built two 3-class schools in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and Lorestan provinces in the name of my grand mother, and now I have decided to run a project called “I will build a school for my mother” in order to thank all her efforts and kindness.The project of building a 6 -class elementary school for girls in the 8th district of Tehran with the participation of 100 donors has been planned and the area for this school is 490 square meters .Barin Foundation has the largest share in this project in the amount of 200 million Tomans.May God Almighty help me in this great cause.
Amir Alagheband


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