Assessment and diagnosis of mental health

Assessment and Diagnosis of Mental Health: All family members who are supported by Barin Charity Foundation are initially assessed by social workers and psychologists and their mental health status is determined. Also, the duration of their therapy and the right method (individual and group) is decided. If a psychiatrist is needed, they will be referred to clinics affiliated with Barin Foundation.

Individual counseling

Private individual counseling courses are available in person and over the phone.

Group counseling

The topics that many clients deal with are discussed in groups and in workshops. One of the most important benefits of group counseling is that these people realize that they are not alone and that other people are dealing with similar problems and will be confident in expressing their problems. They use other clients' advice (with the approval of the teacher and the psychologist) and...

Behavioral and communication training workshops

Behavioral and communication training workshops include workshops such as anger management as well as parenting skills. In fact, all mothers and children who are supported by the foundation must attend these courses. These courses are held in the form of workshops with the attendance of the expert instructors of Madar -e- Rooz Institute.

Art Therapy Workshop

Art therapy workshops include storytelling workshops, theater therapy workshops, creativity workshops, etc.: These courses are held for children under the age of ten who are supported the foundation. They are one of the most effective courses for improving children's communication and creative development.Barin Foundation is the first charity to use art therapy techniques to identify and treat children's behavioral, psychological, and communication problems. Barin provides treatment conditions, too.

Cultural, recreational and tourism programs

Cultural, Recreational and Tourism Programs: These are the programs that contribute to the social development of students and mothers. Since the families who are supported by the Foundation don't have any vehicle or right economic condition to do recreational and tourism programs, this foundation with the help of other institutes organizes free programs for families. These programs include travelling to Mashhad , taking tours of Tehran, visiting educational centers , museums and parks.

Art training courses

Holding music, painting, photography and modern art classes

Holding sports classes

Sports:Some students who participate professionally in a sport send a class receipt and purchase of sports necessities to the foundation every month, and the social work department returns the cost to the family after inquiring from that sport center. Also, every summer, all the children who are supported by Barin, must register and participate in a sports course .The foundation will pay for the courses.

Facilitating physical health

In this regard, based on a contract some specialized hospitals and private offices accept families who are supported by Barin Foundation by providing 70% discounts. Some of these centers are totally free for the families.

Target group:

1- Students in need of a mother: with or without a guardian
2- Female headed households