Parenting workshop in Barin

کارگاه فرزند پروری

Raising children is essential for the future of our kids. If you want to have children with high self-esteem and self-respect and also with bright and successful future, you should not be indifferent to their upbringing and should spend time with them. This important task should be shared between both parents, but since the mother spends most of her time with the child, it would be better for her to be more diligent in acquiring child rising skills.

In general, all of us have behaviors, some of which are inherited from our parents and some of which are acquired through environment. If we have a closer look, each person’s personality consists of three parts: child, adult, and parent, and each of our behaviors returns to one of these three parts.

What is very important in this regard is the acquired part of our personality, so if we are the parents who are aware of our child’s behaviors and show the best reaction to their behaviors, we will make it possible for him to learn positive points throughout life and have a healthy personality.

Some behaviors that occur at a young age indicate some problems and identifying these behaviors and dealing with them properly requires training and skills. It is best for parents to learn parenting skills from the beginning so that they can identify the wrong behaviors in their children and lead these behaviors to the right directions.

Parenting workshop

Organizing training sessions to improve the mother and child relationship in the charity

Barin Charity has focused on the importance of educating children and adolescents, and the foundation aims to build a better future for the children of Iran. In this regard, Barin conducts extensive activities in the fields of school construction, renovation of dilapidated schools, educational assistance to disadvantaged students, and so on. Organizing educational classes is also one of the activities of this charity.

Barin’s new step in education is to hold parenting classes in six weekly sessions. These classes are attended by mother-child psychologists and focus on improving the mother-child relationship. On Saturday, August 26, 2009, the first meeting of Barin Foundation’s parenting class was held.

The Child Development and Behavior Management Workshop (PMT) focuses on establishing effective and positive communication with the child, correcting common problems such as controlling the kids in the family, and sharing the experiences of mothers in a cordial environment. In this workshop, mothers’ communication problems with their children are examined and identified, and counseling and psychology specialists offer the best solutions according to the specific economic, social and cultural conditions.

Considering the importance and abundance of current issues in single headed and dysfunctional families, the necessity of implementing such workshops is obvious. We hope that with the proper and efficient holding of such training workshops, we will be able to take a small step towards achieving the great goals of Brain Charity Foundation.

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