Performance report in 2016

گزارش عملکرد خیریه برین در سال ۹۵

Social work Department

  • By the end of 2016, the foundation has provided services to 769 people in the form of 336 families. 40 families have been removed due to changes in their living conditions, and 729 families are still supported.
  • After determining the family situation in the process of visiting the house, the needs of the family are prioritized and appropriate actions are taken to solve them.
  • This year, in collaboration with Baharloo Hospital, Nooravaran Salamat Mobile Dental Clinic, Mr. Mohammadiari Dental Team, Azad University Dental School, Dr. Taghvaei Pharmacy Unit, Khavaran Central Clinic and Ahang Clinic, more than 410 cases of dental services, medical treatment, drug supply, Medical goods preparation, psychiatric services were provided.
  • Improving the housing situation and providing the home appliances of the needy families was one of our goals during which 22 loans from Razavi Fund (73,500 million Tomans) were given to the clients and 2 loans were repaid (7 million).
  • 72 items of basic goods including heaters, utensils, refrigerators, stoves, irons, air conditioners and fans, carpets and rugs, washing machines, sofas, sewing machines, televisions and heaters were donated to the families.
  • 24 sessions of mental health promotion workshop were hold with the presence of more than 60 mothers. In this workshop, topics such as the impact of changing vision and thinking in the face of problems, accepting responsibility, increasing the power of decision-making, tracking family situation before and after having father, various educational methods, child safety and children’s skills were discussed.
  • Six sessions of the training camp for teenagers were held, during which the group got acquainted with each other. A group was formed to promote health.
  • With the aim of increasing creativity, self-confidence, cultivating problem-solving skills and diagnosing children’s psychological disorders, 23 sessions of art therapy and play therapy workshops were held with programs such as painting, theater therapy and music therapy.
  • 7 group therapy workshop sessions were held for mothers based on ACT method
  • 7 group therapy workshop sessions were held for students based on ACT method
  • 4 sessions of rape prevention workshop were held with the presence of nearly 60 mothers and 20 children. In these sessions, children were taught about body care and unauthorized touching through painting and play, and mothers were introduced to preventive actions, the child’s symptoms, how to deal with the subject, and ways to treat it.
  • With the help of the Foundation’s Volunteer Lawyer, free legal advice was provided to more than 10 clients in a year. In order to support the families, the amount of 60 million Tomans was paid for the release of the father of one of the clients.

Psychology Department

  • Mental health review is one of the requirements for providing services at the foundation, and all families benefit from these services on a regular basis. The goal is to determine the state of mind, promote mental health, prevent social harm,
    and help improve communication in the family.
  • Conducting more than 400 counseling sessions with an experienced psychological team
  • Holding more than 100 parent training sessions on family mental health issues, parenting skills, preventing child rape, recognizing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Holding more than 55 sessions of art therapy workshops and developing children’s creativity
  • Referral of more than 80 mothers to a psychiatrist
  • Conducting more than 324 psychiatric visits
  • Running at least 5 sessions of tutoring
  • Tracking the presence of medical volunteers in Qala-e-Saboun village for general check-up of children and visual inspection check-up .These actions were taken by volunteers and with the observance of the medical team
  • Tracking the status of more than 200 cases in Barin Foundation Social work department
  • Negotiation and approval of Mehrafarinan Foundation for free dental services for children of Barin Foundation in 2017
  • Negotiation with Foolad Clinic for free maternity physiotherapy services
  • Negotiation and running sex education sessions for mothers and children by Rah Foundation
  • Preliminary negotiations for doing partnership projects with Toloo Bishanhaha and Kahrizak Institute
  • Preparation of technical engineering report regarding Chitgar Park environmentalists’ complexes

Education Department

  • Cattell Intelligence Test and Gardner Talent Test were held by students, and suggestions and solutions were presented to the relevant authorities, and the results were used in their academic guide.
  • The educational status of all students was examined and the necessary planning was done to stabilize or improve their conditions. In this regard, 68 hours of training were held with the help of 15 volunteer teachers for 120 students for all levels.
  • In addition, more than 200 hours of individual study counseling were held for 68 students with the aim of promoting the education of students who had academic failure or were seeking educational counseling services.
  • During the second semester of 2016-2017 academic years and the first semester of the 2016-2017 academic years, the result paper of the clients were recorded and the academic report was prepared for both semesters.
  • In order to provide equipment and educational supplies, a package of stationery was prepared and delivered to 361 students at the beginning of October.
  • In the second half of 2016, exquisite cash and non-cash gifts were given to 113 people in primary school, 58 in high school, 18 in secondary school, 9 students, 5 bachelor’s degree graduates and 4 master’s students. All these students are excellent and hard-working. In the first half of the 2016-2017 academic year,  Ghazali Cinema Camp was arranged free of charge for the first and second year high school students, and  books were prepared and donated to the elementary students.
  • According to the needs assessment and academic study of students, 300 volumes of books (that were published in 2014and 2015) were donated. The books were provided by Mehr Giti, Roshd and other donors, also 160 volumes of books were prepared from Kago, Gaj and Joya Majd publications and donated to students.
  • Education officials also attended five training sessions in NGOs active in the field of educational justice.
  • Holding 3 3-session courses in a total of 9 sessions of anger control workshops for more than 100 mothers of elementary, middle and high school students by the teachers of Rooz Institute in May.
  • Holding 3 mobile photography training sessions for all ages with the help of public relations in February and March.
  • Holding 3 abacus training sessions for students with the help of public relations in February and March.
  • Case study of schools and other educational institutions to benefit from the reduction of remedial  classes or installment of school fees, the academic status of some students , dormitory status, student employment, night schools, Special training courses and….
  • Referral of 10 students suspected of learning disabilities to Shahrivar Clinic
  • Membership of 2 students in Young Mathematicians Association. They were accepted in the first stage of the exam to be prepared for Vatlu Mathematical Olympiad exam in 2017
  • Scholarships for exams and the books of Qalam Chi for pre-university students with a GPA above 17
  • Introducing students with a GPA of 16 to Relief Organization to get Qalam Chi Scholarship
  • Investigating and tracking the registration status of clients living in Qala-e- Simon

Employment Department

  • One of the foundation’s support services for female headed households and their adult children is to empower them and create and introduce job opportunities appropriate to their circumstances. In this regard, the skills, talents and self-esteem of these people are evaluated and the necessary guidance is provided for the employment of them.
  • In 2016, more than 100 job opportunities in the fields of recycling, sales, utilities, security camera installation, nursing, tailoring, carpet weaving, academic counseling, driving, packaging, healthy eating, home services, skin and hair consulting, confectionery and hairdressing was introduced to the foundation’s clients.
  • Fifteen people are working in the recycling department of Tehran Municipality, carpet weaving, services, warehousing, sewing, handicrafts, snack bar management, and cleaning vegetables.
  • Also, in order to support home activities and handicrafts, 18 clients are participating in the markets of various charity organizations, Tehran Municipality and Quds City. They can offer their handicrafts produced in these markets for sale.
  • With the aim of increasing skills and gaining the ability to enter the labor market, 31 clients in the field of computer skills ICDL, pharmacy technician, accounting, mobile repair, carpet weaving, fabric design, knitting, have taken courses  in various educational institutions.
  • Brainstorming sessions with the foundation’s youth about business opportunities were another program of the department in2016, and the group’s favorite areas were examined.
  • Providing cancer treatment for 1 mother with cancer for 5 million Tomans, financing the stationary needed for the school year for 11 million Tomans with the cooperation of Mehrabaneh Charity
  • In order to teach employment and resume writing tips, two articles were prepared and presented on the foundation’s website.

School building Department

  • Negotiating, visiting and selecting the construction site of a rural school in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces and conducting the groundbreaking of  a three-class rural school project in Dishmuk village
  • Opening of two three-class rural schools in the villages of Khonkar and Kaft Qala in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province
  • Construction of a three-class rural school in Nosratabad village of Lorestan province
  • Tracking the status of Safadasht housing documents and receiving all the documents of 32 residential apartments
  • Tracking the treatment and surgery fees for one of the clients with spinal deformity that led to their full recovery
  • Tracking and holding meetings to review the change of use of a 20-class school project of Roodehen Pardis and determine the time of evacuation of the building
  • Participation in the conference of school-building donors in Sistan and Baluchestan province
  • Participation in the conference of school-building donors in Hamadan province
  • Visiting Akhtarabad region of Tehran province to review the educational problems, negotiations with Nan Sahar Company and doing coordination for receiving 300 one-kilogram sweets packages in order to deliver to the clients on Nowruz

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