Performance Report in 2019

گزارش عملکرد بنیاد خیریه برین در سال ۱۳۹۸

Social work Department

  • Attracting and replacing 80 new students in Tehran and Karaj 150 students in the cities of Kurdistan, Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad and Sistan and Baluchestan, Shahrekord, Salmas
  • Introducing more than 40 patient clients who are in dire need of help  to charity institutes
  • Student sports support
  • Referral of 100 clients to medical centers for free medical examination and visit
  • Tracking all clients (Tehran and other cities) repeatedly
  • Conducting more than 50 interviews requested by new clients
  • Referral of 20 clients for dental services and referral of 1 client for maxillofacial surgery
  • Holding 30 internal meetings with Social work unit to check the situation
  • Visiting the houses to track the living conditions of the clients
  • Preparation of statistic lists in relation to applications, employment, students’ failure and progress, general financial summary, etc.
  • Issuance and donation of Etka card to all new clients
  • Donation of over 250 pairs of shoes to clients
  • Donation of 50 medical grants to clients who do not have good financial conditions and paying the full cost of foot surgery of one of the clients
  • Donation of 400 boxes of sweets for Eid 2020
  • Donation of 500 food packages to clients
  • Donation of more than 300 tuition, registration and customer service allowances
  • Donation of 100 household items (wardrobe, washing machine, gas, sewing machine)
  • Donating of 500 food packages to clients
  • Donation of more than 500 chickens to clients for free
  • Donation of 30 housing and employment loans to clients
  • Donation of 8 dowries donated by a benefactor

Education Department

  • Acceptance of more than 20 clients of Tehran and other city in public and free universities
  • Optimizing the system to update the records of over 300 students
  • Talent Search for Children and Students Supported by the Foundation
  • Referral of 3 clients to Iran ICDL Foundation to learn computer for free
  • Holding up to 10 training workshops for mothers and children
  • Educational studies and investigations of the cause of academic failure and progress of all clients
  • Scholarships for 10 students in Qalam Chi Center for free
  • Academic support of up to 300 students and 50 students per month
  • Scholarship for 1 student abroad
  • Reimbursing classroom costs for up to 30 students
  • Donating over 650 free books to clients
  • Donating 400 stationery packages to clients

Psychology Department

  • Registration of more than 100 clients’ treatment process in psychology department
  • Referral of more than 250 clients for psychiatric services
  • Carrying out more than 120 individual and academic counseling sessions

School building department

Opened projects

  • Two projects have been completed and lauched in West Azerbaijan Province.
  • Khorbas Silvana 3-class elementary school (Ferdows Barin 10) and Delzi Koohsar 6-class high school (Ferdows Barin 11)


Completed projects that are ready to be opened

  • Khosrowabad Koohrang 3-class primary school (Ferdows Barin 12) and Sama Lordegan 3-class primary school (Ferdows Barin 13) in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province
  • Abgarmak Sidoon 3-class school (Ferdows Barin 17) and Masjed Soleiman 3-class green primary school (Ferdows Barin 18) in Khuzestan Province
  • Kahvar Mehrestan 3-class primary school (Ferdows Barin 14), Mohammad Musa Tis Kopal 6-class high school (Ferdows Barin 15), Ramin Chabahar 3-class primary school by Ms. Chaharbaghi ​​(Ferdows Barin 19) in Sistan and Baluchestan province
  • Mehr Boroujerd 9-class High School in Merh Housing in Lorestan Province

Ongoing projects

  • Hossein Abad Castle 3 Class School by Mr. Sidi (Ferdows Barin 26) in East Azarbaijan Province
  • Ramin Chabahar 6-class high school by Ms. Chaharbaghi
  • Bidris Sandark 2-class School in Bandar Abbas (Ferdows Barin 21) and Khorchah Bandar Abbas Primary School in Bandar Abbas (Ferdows Barin 22) in Hormozgan Province
  • Aq Qala 3-class primary school by Mr. Kashfi (Ferdows Barin 24) and Shoor Hihat 6-class school by Mr. Kashfi to the point of gnd beakingrou (Ferdows Barin 25) in Golestan province

Projects under investigation

  • Ground breaking of 12 schools in West Azerbaijan, which will be built in partnership with Renovation Organization.
  • Proposals for the construction of 5 schools in Sistan and Baluchestan province .Thorough studies need to be done.
  • Proposals for the construction of two 3 and 6 class schools by donors are under consideration.
  • Holding two meetings with international affairs officials regarding the construction of two schools in Nairobi

Financial Department

  • The cost of school construction is 2,170,300,000 Tomans
  • The cost of the salaries of clients in Tehran and the city is 275,167,500 Tomans
  • The cost related to the educational and training allowance of the clients is 42,249,440 Tomans
  • The medical expenses of the clients are 44,687,858 Tomans
  • The cost of clothing and apparel donated is 2,615,149 Tomans
  • The cost of groceries, meat and chicken to the clients is 121,829,799 Tomans
  • The living allowance of the clients is 62,935,252 Tomans
  • Housing renovation allowance for clients is 20,912,000 Tomans
  • Housing necessities for clients’ homes are 12,763,000 Tomans
  • The cost of repairing the houses of the clients is 5,150,000 Tomans
  • The cost of traffic and transportation of clients is 22,911,700 Tomans
  • Repayment of loans of Gharz al-Hasna Fund for clients is 14,114,288 Tomans
  • Travel allowance for clients is 270,000 Tomans
  • The cost of holding the ceremony for the clients is 341,000 Tomans
  • The cost of Safadasht residential apartments for clients is 2,374,000 Tomans
  • Customer dowry allowance is 35,377,000 Tomans
  • The donation to the dog camp is 56,500,000 Tomans
  • Employment allowance for clients is 1,175,000 Tomans
  • The cost of job creation for clients is 96,409,000 Tomans
  • The cost of Etka is 1,638,000 Tomans
  • The cost of clients” financial support for sports is 2,532,100 Tomans
  • The cost of preparation of prizes for clients is 1,165,900 Tomans
  • The cost of educational and remedial classes is 12,429,710 Tomans
  • Housing deposit is 5,000,000 Tomans
  • Expenses related to the earthquake victims are 6,000,000 Tomans
  • Prisoners’ release allowance is 5,250,000 Tomans
  • The cost of financial support of flood victims in Sistan and Baluchestan is 155,498,300 Tomans

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