Performance Report in 2021

School building Department

Schools completed and ready to open

  • Mohammad Musa 6th grade high school in Tis Kopan, Sistan and Baluchestan province
  • 3-grade primary school in Kohan Kahour Mehrestan, Sistan and Baluchestan province
  • 3-grade primary school in Khosrowabadi Koohrang, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province
  • 3-grade primary school in Sama Castle, Ardegan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province
  • 3-grade primary school in Sabz Masjed Soleiman, Khuzestan province
  • 3-class charity project in Khanshan village of Urmia, West Azerbaijan province (good partnership, renovation and foundation)

Schools under construction

  • Mehrdar Boroujerd 9th grade high school
  • Chahar Bahar 6th grade land project (Dear Ms. Chahar Baghi)
  • 6th grade elementary school project in District 8 of Tehran province (school scan for my mother) with the participation of 200 philanthropists (maximum contribution of 200 million from the foundation)
  • 3rd grade elementary school project in the village of Aznab Sofla, East Azerbaijan (renovation and foundation partnership)
  • 3-class charity project in Mardloo village (charitable partnership and renovation with the coordination of the foundation)
  • 6-class charity project in Vanjlaq village of Marand (a benevolent partnership of renovation and with the coordination of the foundation)
  • 4-class project in Shirin Bolagh Chabpareh village (renovation and foundation partnership)
  • 6-grade school in the village of Halaj Silvana (a partnership of the foundation and the esteemed philanthropist Mr. Kashefi and the reconstruction of the province) Signing a contract and equipping a workshop and starting excavation

Some important meetings

  • Meeting with the General Manager of Shemiranat Welfare
  • Meeting with the governor of Savojbolagh
  • Meeting with the director general of the country’s school renovation organization
  • Meeting with the Drop Institute
  • Contract meeting of 1 school in East Azerbaijan
  • Contract meeting of 2 schools in East Azarbaijan
  • Contract meeting of 1 school in West Azarbaijan
  • Symposiums with the Foundation’s volunteers regarding the employment of clients
  • Continuous meetings with the Ministry of Health

Social work Department

  • Granting 15 mortgages to the clients and paying the loan installments of some 21 clients
  • Donation of over 3500 food shopping cards of Etka store worth 200 thousand Tomans
  • Introducing more than 37 patients and in great need of partner charities
  • Donation of 155 complete groceries
  • 2 dowry allowance
  • 14 valid grants for receiving a valid lease
  • Direct purchase allowance for 15 mobile phones and 24 tablets
  • Donate 7 laptops
  • Donation of 3 pieces of clothing
  • Pay 22 items (purchase of phone, repair of laptop, repair of household items ……)
  • Financial support, scholarships, food donations and reception for 33 Afghan families
  • Donation of 400 boxes of sweets for Eid 1400
  • Perform 75 home visits and prepare and record all reports based on the last status visit
  • Providing food aid to 15 students in Gazgon Khash village
  • Sports support for students under the support and introduction of Mr. Ali Akbari
  • Donation of over 55 medical grants to the clients of the foundation and the introduced clients in case of not having good financial conditions
  • Attracting and replacing 17 new students in Tehran and the city
  • Referral of a client for orthodontics and payment of a grant to him
  • Preparation of statistical lists related to the demands, employment, decline and progress of students, privileges, skills, etc.
  • Providing employment opportunities for clients in clothing production units and ….
  • Holding periodic internal help meetings to review the condition of clients
  • The head of the foundation’s helper visited the Gardener of Paradise charity (care for the disabled) and handed over 100 Etka shopping cards worth 200,000 Tomans and 50 boxes of sweets.
  • 10 cases of granting employment and entrepreneurship grants
  • Visit of the Head of Charity of the Foundation to Raad Sharghi Charity and donation of 50 Etka shopping cards worth 200,000 Tomans and 50 boxes of sweets
  • Awarding 70 boxes of sweets to students and families in need of Afghan Al-Ahmad School in Shush district for working children and citizens
  • Coordination and negotiations with the Foundation’s volunteers regarding the employment of clients

Education Department

  • Admission of 16 clients in Tehran and other cities in public and free universities
  • 53 cases of counseling and psychological services and 8 cases of academic counselors
  • 696 cases of academic pursuit
  • 3290 cases of system optimization for educational updates
  • More than 965 cases of registration of documents and information and follow-up of clients
  • 598 reports
  • 235 follow-up requests and costs
  • 187 cases of follow-up of clients’ affairs
  • Update more than 201 files of Tehran and other cities periodically every 3 months
  • Donate over 120 volumes of free books to help seekers
  • Scholarships (174 in Tehran and 125 in the city)
  • Deposit the amount of 250 to 500 thousand Tomans for the allowance to buy clothes for each family in Tehran in December and 100 thousand Tomans for the month of Ramadan in April.
  • Introducing 10 students to Ghalamchi Foundation in connection with field selection counseling (Tehran and other cities)
  • Donation of up to 30 grants for clients’ remedial classes
  • Donation of university registration allowance 5 items
  • Donation of sports classes 5 items
  • Donation of scholarships to 26 students of the city

Graphs related to the number of students

Graphs related to the number of students

Graphs related to the number of students




Financial Department

  • School construction 11,985,340,000 Rials
  • Salaries of Tehran and other cities helpers 5,217,474,395 Rials
  • Scholarships and training grants for clients 197,368,150 Rials
  • Clients’ medical expenses are 1,103,379,898 Rials
  • Clothes and clothing donated 190,500,000 Rials
  • Food, meat and chicken to the clients 66,972,467 Rials
  • Clients’ living allowance 18,950,000 Rials
  • Clients’ housing allowance 39,138,750 Rials
  • Shemiranat welfare allowance 59,090,000 Rials
  • Donations to Sistan and Baluchestan 310,000,000 Rials
  • From the payment of loans of Gharz al-Hasna Fund to helpers 46,750,000 Rials
  • Donation allowance for Muharram vows 707,000,000 Rials
  • Clients’ dowry allowance of 335,500,000 Rials
  • Employee employment allowance 62,670,000 Rials
  • Reliance cost for helpers (3800 anonymous cards) 10,354,600,000 Rials
  • The cost of a donated sheep donated to help seekers is 56,690,000 Rials
  • Prisoner release allowance 754,236,233 Rials
  • Other grants to clients 53,585,000 Rials
  • The cost of providing medicine and treatment for children with standard cancer is 9,090,000,000 Rials
  • The cost of purchasing the Volt Tab tablet for help seekers is 1,643,148,807 Rials
  • The allowance to the dog camp is 946,920,000 Rials
  • The cost of buying a house for a household requires 754,236,233 Rials
  • The cost of the workshops (for the employment of the clients) is 11,739,500 Rials
  • The cost of donating vouchers to Mr. Alaqband’s food and rearing cards is 1,050,000,000 Rials
  • Rafideh Charity Children’s treatment allowance (Kian Eshgh Charity House) 500,000,000 Rials

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