Running parenting and life skills classes

The concept of mental health is empowering people to recognize the factors that affect individual and social health, making the right decisions in choosing healthy behaviors, and ultimately following a “healthy lifestyle.”

Due to the importance role of women in culture, development and the creation of a healthy society, providing empowerment programs is a necessity. Given that women who are the heads of households are among the most vulnerable groups in society, the need for special education and special social support for this group is essential.

Meanwhile, mothers who do not have good family and social support and face economic problems on the one hand and psychological problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, etc., on the other hand, will certainly have a devastating effect on the parent-child relationship and they need special attention.

 In this regard, the Psychology Department of Barin Foundation (Saleh) has decided to hold a group workshop in the summer with the aim of teaching life skills and parenting and improving the parent-child relationship. According to the needs assessments, parent-child relationship is one of the key elements in a family’s growth.

Considering all the above issues, the purpose of holding these workshops is to improve women’s ability to rely on themselves and increase their power in the face of life’s problems and difficulties, as well as to teach the correct methods of parenting in order to raise competent children. The training workshops are being held in the form of 8 two-hour sessions in the summer of 2016 and include workshops on life skills and parenting. It should be noted that the students and mothers participating in these classes have been selected according to the needs assessment of the psychologists and also the psychological evaluation section of the family.

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