If today “developed” countries are known by this name and other countries are referred to as “third world” or “developing”, if they have a strong economy or industry and have been able to move forward in a right way, it’s all because of providing right education to their children in well-equipped and advanced schools. School is the most important place where children can grow, learn human principles and ultimately make their country better.

To achieve this, we need the whole country to use equally equipped schools and advanced educational facilities so that development and justice will be distributed in the country in all aspects; therefore, in order to achieve such a desired goal, all people need to work together and help to have this growth.

The Importance of School building in Iran

Before addressing the importance of school building in our country, we need to look at statistics that show the number of children or students who are deprived of education.

 In fact, there are no exact statistics because the figures of the Welfare and Education Organization and NGOs are different from each other and do not indicate a specific number. Having an inexact number shows that the educational status of children is bad. However, about 7,400,000 children who are deprived of education have been identified in Iran and among this number working children, children from disadvantaged or homeless areas can be found.

On the other hand, according to official statistics, there are about 14 million students in the country.The per capita standard level of educational space for each student is 39.8 square .This number is set in the document of Education  organization and the document under the system of space, equipment and technology. More than 30 percent of existing schools are dilapidated, and this figure is much worse in disadvantaged areas of the country; therefore, it is necessary to build new schools and renovate dilapidated ones, and this will not happen unless school-building donors and philanthropic benefactors play their irreplaceable role in the development of educational spaces.

The role of school-building donors in the future development of the country

According to the statistics mentioned above, it can be understood that the educational situation in Iran is not very good and it is unfortunate because this news does not promise a bright future. It is here that the country’s urgent need for school-building philanthropists can be felt. The government’s role in resolving these problems cannot be ignored, as it is the sole responsibility of this organization. In many developed countries, we are witnessing many NGOs and non-governmental organizations that address the problems of society with the help of the people and government assistance.

Undoubtedly, helping children of the society will have a direct impact on the destiny of a country. School-building donors can make the future of their country more beautiful and brighter,  by playing a role in building schools and helping disadvantaged children.It can be said that the good work of these people will last forever.There are many school-building philanthropists who do this good work alone or in partnership with a private charity.

It is not easy to build schools and educational centers.Participation is the key factor in doing so. As a result, school-building donors usually join charities and school-building foundations to build educational spaces or help disadvantaged students.

School-building donors in Barin

As mentioned, there are many institutions and charities that focus on educating students in particular. Their activities can be in the field of building educational centers or solving students’ financial problems. In this regard, one of the foundations that has started these activities with the aim of promoting the education of children in Iran is Barin Foundation.

Barin Charity Foundation (Saleh) was established in 2011. The foundation has always taken steps to support the disadvantaged people and their families over the years, and has done its utmost to provide education, welfare, health, food, and other facilities to all families. Over the course of nearly eight years, Barin Foundation has supported more than 700 primary school and university students out of 300 families, and has been active in eradication of poverty, school building, and supporting the poor.

In line with the current needs of the country, Barin has taken the construction and participation in school construction seriously. With the help of the people and school-building donors, the foundation has been able to construct 46 classrooms in less developed areas and is also constructing nine schools in the villages of West Azerbaijan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Sistan and Baluchestan and Lorestan provinces.

School building can be considered a very blessed spiritual business. A business that can improve the lives of hundreds of children over a long period of time which ultimately leads to a stronger and more robust homeland. Barin Foundation hopes that it can play its role in this difficult but sweet path with the participation of school-building donors and it hopes to improve the life of the children in this land.