The opening of the 10th Ferdows Barin School in Khorsab Village

مراسم بازگشایی مدرسه خوراسب

Kharsab village in Azerbaijan province

Kharsab village is located 63 km away from Urmia city in the green area of ​​Silvana Mahal Margour. This city is located in the southwest of West Azerbaijan province, 30 km west of Urmia city and in the foothills of the highlands, overlooking the border line of Iran and Turkey. It’s situated in the middle part. The population of this village is 565 and the occupation of the villagers is agriculture, animal husbandry and laboring. The village has 13 female and 29 male students, out of 42 students. The people of Silvaneh speak Kurdish and are Sunni.

Ground-breaking ceremony of Khorsab village

Barin Foundation, with the help of school-building donors, proposed the construction of a school in the village of Khorsab. According to local officials, the village had only one primary school, but despite not having enough facilities, many people in this village are literate and some young people are highly educated. In October 2017, Barin Charity held the ground-breaking ceremony for a three-class school in the village of Khorsab. The ceremony was attended by Engineer Rahmani, Director General of School Renovation, Engineer Hossein Jamshidian, Director of Barin Shemiranat Foundation, Deputy of Public Participation of the General School Renovation Organization, Managing Director of the School-Building Donors Association, the chief municipal official , Director of Education of Silvana, School land donor,and residents of Khorsab.

The donated land area for the establishment of the school is 1900 square meters

Opening ceremony of the 3-class school in Khorsab village

In December 2017, after two years, this school went through the final stages of its construction and was ready to be opened and given to the dear students of this village as a gift. In this great joy, all the villagers should have participated and come together, too.

For this purpose, on December 4, 2017, the opening ceremony of the 10th Ferdows Barin School charity was held in the presence of the CEO of Barin Shemiranat Charity Foundation, Mr. Jamshidian, the director of education, Imam Juma and the residents of Khorsab village.

This ceremony was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The event provided an opportunity to appreciate and thank the participants of this project. It also created an opportunity for the students to become more familiar with their new educational space.

Details of Ferdows Barin three-class School No. 10

All classrooms are equipped with standard desks and chairs, whiteboards and projectors. All the details of a well-equipped and safe school have been observed.

In the construction of this educational building, all construction standards have been observed in accordance with the principles of safety and it’s earthquake resistant, too. The area of this 3-class school is large enough and thanks to the beautiful nature of this village, it will be a suitable place for students to have fun during their break times.

Barin Chaity Foundation school building principles

The construction of educational buildings is one of the good deeds that will last for years, and without a doubt, building a place for educating the children of Iran will have a direct impact anywhere in this country. Of course, a principled and flawless education will have a great effect on having a bright future in the society, too. It is beautiful that we take a step in this direction and participate in promoting the education of our children. The sole purpose of Barin Charity Foundation is to grow and pay attention to education of the underprivileged so there will be educational equality in our beloved country and all children and adolescents will have their natural right in society.

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