The second exhibition of villagers and nomads’ capabilities ended its work

Date of publication: December 10, 2016 Barin News

Public Relations:

The second exhibition of the capabilities of villagers and nomads ended on Saturday with the slogan “Village is the center of production and value creation in the field of resistive economy” in the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions. According to the correspondent of the Radio and Television Agency, the exhibition was set up with the aim of introducing the role of villages in national production and also familiarizing visitors with the existing talents, capabilities in rural areas.

Recognizing the capacity of rural areas to produce a variety of products, especially in small industries, rural industries and handicrafts, introducing cultural attractions such as customs, indigenous games, local clothing, food and .., natural and tourist attractions, introducing celebrities ,identifying  young talents and entrepreneurs, making the two-way communication between urban dwellers and villagers, the establishment of trade relations between producers and consumers, and the identification of consumer markets for the purchase of rural products have been other goals of the exhibition.

Also, “Construction of a Symbolic Village”, “performance of religious groups by Indigenous Federation of Nomads” and holding other training courses were among the side programs of the second exhibition of the capabilities of villagers and nomads. The exhibition welcomed 598 domestic participants in an area of ​​14,000 square meters, and it displayed its latest achievements, products and services in various industries, including agricultural industries, handicrafts, rural food industries and rural services, in 4 days (January 15-18). The exhibition was also attended by Barin Charity Foundation, which exhibited and sold the clients’ handicrafts in the form of handicrafts.

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