Top Brain Foundation Students

دانش آموزان برتر

The best students who are supported by Barin Foundation

Currently more than 300 students are supported by Barin Foundation. Here is a list of the top students who had the best performance and the highest GPA in the academic year of 1398-99.

Dear benefactors, we hope that with your compassionate support, we will witness the increasing success of these teenagers and young people in acquiring knowledge. Providing opportunities for education is one of the best ways to alleviate poverty and build a better future for the children of this Ahuraian land.

RowNameAcademic LevelEducational MajorGPA of the Academic Year 2018-19GPA of the Academic Year 2019-20
1Fatemehbehind the entrance examscience18/07
2Samanehbehind the entrance examscience18/57
4SaharstudentTeacher Training17/67
5AliasgharNinthfirst year of high school18/21
6MobinaEleventhHuman science18/41
7AlirezaTenthsecond year of high school19/83
8MahsaEleventhHuman science18/29
9AmiraliNinthfirst year of high school18/64
10HananehEigthhigh school19
11NaghmeNinthhigh school18/21
13SaraNinthhigh school18/93
14ZahraTenthLiterature and Human science17/79
15ZahraNinthhigh school18/71
16FahimehSeventhhigh school17/93
17NazaninNinthhigh school18/43
19ElmiraTenthhigh school17/93
21AnitaSeventhhigh school20
22BitaTwelfthSewing Wedding Dress 19/88
23HadisTwelfthHuman science18/84
24MahdisEigthhigh school18/29
25MahnazTwelfthbehind the entrance exam18/76
تحصیل و آینده روشن
RowNameAcademic LevelEducational MajorGPA of the Academic Year 2018-19GPA of the Academic Year 2019-20
26MehdiEleventhhigh school19
27HaniehEigthhigh school18/64
28MahsaNinthhigh school20
29LeilastudentPhysical Education18/54
30Amir AliSeventhhigh school19/79
31FatemehSeventhhigh school19/29
32FatemehEigthhigh school19/79
33FatemehEigthhigh school19
34AliTenthhigh school19/08
35MehdiEigthhigh school18/43
36BahareTwelfthbehind the entrance exam18/08
37FatemehEigthhigh school18/79
38BitaTwelfthhigh school18/42
39TinaNinthhigh school18/93
40MelikaTwelfthMathematics Physics19/18
42ParisaNinthhigh school19/43
44ArezoTenthhigh school19/76
45Amir HosseinEleventhhigh school18/37
46SetayeshTenthhigh school19/34
47KamranEigthhigh school19/92
48ShaghayeghEigthhigh school18/71
49Amir aliNinthhigh school18/93
50MohammadrezaNinthhigh school18/21
51Amir hosseinNinthhigh school18/21
52SogolTwelfthhigh school18/71
53MaryamSixthelementary schoolvery good
54Sogandthirdelementary schoolvery good
55SajadstudentHoze Elmiyeh19/75
57MehdiEigthhigh school19/21
58Yaldasecondelementary schoolvery good
59Seyede Asrasixthelementary schoolvery good
60Amir alififthelementary schoolvery good
61Amir tahafourthelementary schoolvery good
62HosseinTwelfthHuman science17/50
63SamanNinthhigh school17/43
65Amir rezaNinthhigh school17/43
66Setayeshfifthelementary schoolvery good
دانش آموزان تحت پوشش برین

The following is a brief history of some of the best students. You can support one or more of them if you wish. For this purpose, you can click on the button below and you’ll be transferred to the support page. There you can  select one of the methods listed on the page .

Bahare H…. GPA 18/08

The father died of a heart attack. The mother and her little daughter live in a rented house. The family receives the father’s pension. The family is not supported by a specific institution and only receives subsidies.

Fatemeh H…. GPA 18/79

The father has been away from home for more than ten years and the family does not know about him. The house is rented. The mother is a garment worker and receives subsidies. They are not supported by anybody or any institution. Unfortunately, Fatemeh has a spinal problem and she’s under treatment.

Bita and Tina Kh… ٬ GPA of 18/42 and 18/93

The father has left home and no information is available about him. The mother of the family lives with the children at her brother’s house. The mother pays for living expenses by cleaning the houses and providing services and receiving subsidies. The family is not supported by any institution.

Vida…N GPA 18/87

The father of the family died in the accident. One of the children’s suffering from hemophilia and disability. The family’s income is through subsidies and pensions from Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation and the help of their acquaintances. They own a house.

Maryam…A Very good GPA

Maryam and her parents and brother live in her uncle’s house. Maryam’s father has severe osteoporosis, and his bones are constantly cracking so to prevent this, he has to have some certain injections that are expensive .He is disabled. Living expenses are covered by the Foundation’s pension, subsidies, and his maternal income from service work.

Sogand, Sajad, Sahara…K Very good GPA, 17/67, 19/75

Sogand and Sajad and Sahar live with their parents in a rented house. Their mother has kidney disease. Living expenses are provided through subsidies and pensions from the foundation and their maternal income from service work.

Saba…Sh GPA ,17/29

Saba’s father has died of a brain tumor, and Saba now lives with her mother in the home of her maternal hereditary house. Living expenses are provided through subsidies and social Welfare pensions .They are not supported by any other institutes.

Ali Asghar Sh…… GPA 18/21

Ali Asghar lives with his mother and grandmother in his maternal grandfather’s house. He lost his father due to an accident .His mother also suffers from various diseases such as cancerous glands in the neck and chest area and has undergone several surgeries. Recently, she has another disease that is being treated and it has high costs. The living expenses are provided by his mother’s temporary jobs’ income, the subsidy and the pension of the foundation .They are not supported by a specific institute.

Mobina Gh… ٬ GPA 18/41

Mobina lives with her mother and brother in the home of her maternal hereditary house. His parents are separated due to his father’s addiction. Living expenses are provided through subsidies, foundation pensions, and sibling work’s income and they are not supported by any particular institute.

Roghayeh, Alireza, Mehdi Y. ٬ GPA 18/41, 19/83, 19/21

Roghayeh, Alireza and Mehdi live with their other sister and parents in a rented house. Their father suffers from mental disease and is under treatment and he’s unable to work. Living expenses are provided through subsidies, foundation pensions, and their mother’s service work income. They own optional social security insurance and they’re not supported by any special institutes.

Mahsa S… ٬ GPA 18/29

Mahsa lives with her mother and older brother in a rented house .She lost her father in an accident. Her mother also had a lumbar disc and underwent a surgery and is unable to do heavy work. Sometimes she sells saffron. Living expenses are provided through subsidies, foundation pensions, and occasional maternal income.

Yalda M…Very good GPA

Yalda lives in a rented house with her two older brothers and her mother. His father died of a stomach infection. They are supported by Relief Organization. For living expenses, her mother weaves dolls and knits at home, also they get subsidies and pensions from the foundation and Relief Organization.

Amir Ali M….., GPA 18/64

Amir Ali with his older brother and mother lives in a rented house. His father died of embolism. The family is not supported by any organization. Living expenses are covered by the foundation’s pension, subsidies, and maternal service income. His Mother is skilled in carpet weaving.

Hananeh N….,GPA 19

Hananeh lives with her parents and younger brother in a rented house. In 1978, Hananeh’s father lost his sight due to stress and nervousness caused by the loss of five members of his family (parents, etc.). Prior to this, he used to work and family had a good condition, but after this incident, he was no longer able to work. Her mother also assembles flowers at home. Living expenses are provided through subsidies, foundation and welfare organization pensions. Families are also supported by State welfare Organization.

Naghmeh K….GPA, 18/21

Naghmeh’s parents have separated and the mother is remarried and does not know about her father. Naghmeh lives with her grandmother in a rented house. Living expenses are covered by the Foundation’s pension, subsidies, and her grandparents’ income from house cleaning and service work.

Seyedeh Asra B…,Very good GPA

Asra’s parents are separated and she lives with her grandparents. Her grandfather is a war veteran and her grandmother is speechless and deaf. Living expenses are covered by her grandfather’s pension, subsidy, and the foundation’s pension. They are not supported by any other institutes.

Amir Ali, Zahra M… Very good GPA, 17/79

Amir Ali and Zahra live in a private house with their siblings and mother. Their father died in the accident. The mother does  service work and the living expences are provided by receiving the subsidy, and the pension of the foundation.

Amir Taha J… Very good GPA

Family is living in their acquaintance’s home without paying rent. His mother works at an addiction treatment center. Family has health service insurance. Living expenses are provided through a pension from the foundation, a supporter of Amir Taha, subsidies and maternal income.

Hussein, Zahra A. ٬ ٬ GPA 17/50, 18/71

Hussein and Zahra live with their parents at their grandfather’s house. His father has disability in both legs. Hossein has a medal and a rank in wrestling and Zahra has a medal and a rank in Taekwondo. Families are supported by welfare organization. Living expenses are provided through subsidies, foundation and welfare organization pensions.

Fahimeh T… ٬ GPA 17/93

Fahimeh lives with her mother and brother in a rented house. Parents are separated because of their father’s addiction. Her mother works as a housecleaner and through this way and subsidies and the pensions of her maternal grandparents living expenses are provided .They are not supported by any other special institute.

Ziba M… ٬ GPA 18/73

Ziba lives with her two other sisters and her brother and mother in a rented house. Her parents are separated because of their father’s addiction. The family is supported by Relief Organization. Living expenses are provided through maternal service work income, subsidies, the foundation pensions, and Relief organization.

Elmira A…. GPA 17/93

Elmira lives with her mother and two other sisters in a private house. Her parents are separated because of their father’s addiction. Her mother works in a production workshop. Living expenses are provided through subsidy and the foundation pension. Family is not supported by a specific institute.

Saman M …GPA 17/43

His father has mental illness. His mother earns a living by selling clothes. They live in a rented house. The family is not supported by a specific institution and only receives subsidies.

Zeinab A… GPA 17/90

Zeinab’s mother has divorced her husband. The house is rented. Her mother pays for the living expenses through cleaning and doing service work and receiving subsidies. Both children have anemia and malnutrition. One of the children also suffers from epilepsy. The family is not supported by any particular institution.

Amir Reza Gh…. GPA 17/43

His father has left home and the family does not know about him. Their house is rented. His mother earns very little from cleaning houses and service work and is unable to support her family. They are supported by Relief organization and receive subsidy.

Setayesh D…..GPA is very good

Her mother is separated from her husband. The mother and her children live in a rented house. Her mother pays for the family by doing service work and cleaning the houses. The family is supported by Relief Organization.

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