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Barin Foundation Public Relations:

 According to the agreement signed between Barin Charity Foundation and the General Directorate of School Renovation in Tehran on February 22, 2015, the foundation’s donors built a school in phase 4 Pardis-e- Bumhan and opened the school at the end of March. To our surprise, this year, on the first of October, we are witnessing the seizure of this building by the General Directorate of Education of Pardis. Barin Charity Foundation, with registration number 29835 in Welfare Organization, has been doing charity work as a non-profit organization since 2016. School construction is one of the most important actions taken since the establishment of Barin Charity Foundation. In this organization, so far 8 schools have been built (two schools in Tehran and six schools in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari and Lorestan provinces).

On February 22, 2015, during an agreement between Barin Shemiranat Charity Foundation (Saleh) and the General Directorate of School Renovation in Tehran Province, it was decided that Barin Foundation would complete the 20-class school located in Phase 4 of Pardis Bumhan by spending up to 10 billion Rials. The school was half constructed at that time. Since this school was considered as one of the schools that had been constructed by donors, it was named after the donor who had built the school. Therefore, the school was named “Amir Alaqband School 2. This naming process is in accordance with the rules of the General Directorate of School Renovation.

The above-mentioned school was completed in the last days of March 2016 by Barin Charity Foundation (Saleh) and was opened during a ceremony held by Education ministry of Tehran District 8 and the Public Relations of Education Department of Pardis province.

In September2016, the officials of Barin Foundation visited the school without the permission and knowledge of the school-building charity and even without the knowledge of School-Building Donors Association. To their surprise, they didn’t hear the students’ voices which were expected to be heard in the school.  It was observed that the entrance was renamed “Pardis province Education Department” without the permission and notification of the school-building charity and even without the knowledge of the school-building charity association (of which Barin Foundation is a member). In fact, the building has been usurped by the Department of Education. This construction was done with the orders of Supreme Leader in the meeting that took place in 2014 with the presence of the board members of School-Building Donors Association and the officials of Ministry of Education. This action of usurping the school conflicts with the order of Supreme Leader regarding the protection and respect of donors, attention to their valuable services in the community and facilitating the process of attracting benevolent actions .

It is hoped that the local media, with the support of the benevolent donors that are working for the growth and prosperity of dear Iran, will reflect this news and accelerate the evacuation process of “Amir Alaqband School 2 “. With the very poor performance of the General Directorate of Education of Pardis, the results will be nothing but the mistrust of the donors who had submitted their donations to Barin Foundation to be spend on the construction of this school.

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