With the help of Barin Foundation colleagues, all the children we support are waiting for the winter snow this year

As a child, with the onset of winter, we were looking forward to making a scarf and hat with the first snow and making the first snowman of the year.

Our childhood was filled with the laughter from the bottom of our hearts, even for no reason, we were just happy. We were immersed in the games and didn’t think about making a living. We didn’t care about the clothes. The mother’s arms were always warm, and the father’s lips were always open to laughter, and we grew up without knowing what it meant to have no clothes or food. Alas, it’s so sad to see the children that their thin clothes do not have a pocket to put their little hands into them, and their hands get numb from the cold. They can’t experience the sweet moment of feeling warm. This year, as in previous years, with the beginning of the cold season, Barin Charity Foundation has been working hard to provide warm clothing for the children it supports and the rest of the children who don’t wear the appropriate clothing for the cold season.

We are happy to say that with God’s help, the support of public donation sites and the efforts of the staff of Emrooz foundation, all the children of Barin are waiting for the winter snow to put on their warm clothes and make their snowmen while smiling. By looking at their smiles, we’ll will revive and be able to take stronger steps to pave the way for the lives of low-income compatriots in the hope that one day no child in the cold season will be saddened by not having the warm clothes.

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