Barin Foundation

We have always done our best to fight cultural poverty, replace the culture of boosting people's self-esteem instead of feeling sorry for them and change children's concerns from "merely living" to "how to live"; Regarding this, with the help of counselors, psychologists and holding art therapy courses, we try to support children who are exposed to social harm .Also by holding proper parenting workshops, we aim to grow and develop and nurture mothers' talents. Carrying out projects for elimination of poverty in a fundamental way is one of our goals that lead to sustainable development of deprived areas.

The recently launched Barin Charity Foundation's strategic plan outlines the organizational and operational behavior in various areas .The foundation is doing its utmost to develop this program, move toward comprehensive service support, and enhance the empowerment activities of those who are supported by the foundation. We hope to achieve these goals in 10 years' time.

One of Barin's special missions is to provide the essentials of life for the families supported by the foundation .Barin hopes to meet this objective with the support of donors as well as cooperation with a wide range of NGOs across the country. We hope that with the increase in the financial and spiritual capabilities of the organization, the number of families who receive direct financial support will get bigger.

Barin Foundation

Barin Charity Foundation (Saleh) was registered in 2011 with the registration number 28935 in Welfare Organization of the country. The main mission of this institute is to support homeless children as well as children who are deprived of having father. During its five years of operation, Barin Foundation has supported more than 700 students from elementary school to university in form of 300 families. The most important services of Barin Charity Foundation include extensive and organized efforts to eliminate deprivation, comprehensive support for the education of disadvantaged children, as well as the construction and renovation of schools and educational centers across the country.

Within a short period of time, the foundation with the help of its benevolent benefactors has been able to empower female headed households, promote self-employment by using financial and spiritual support. In this regard, holding individual and group counseling sessions, conducting parenting and skills training workshops, improving children and adolescents' life skills have been the top priority in Barin Foundation's Education Department.