Performance report in 2014

گزارش عملکرد سال ۹۳ بنیاد خیریه برین

Social Work Department

  • Identifying and accepting new clients
  • Distribution of packing including all necessary nutritional items required, once every 3 months (four times a year
  • Providing medical, psychiatric (completely free) and dental services (with 65% discount)
  • Provide nutrition and health counseling services
  • Payment of medication allowances
  • Creating health insurance coverage for families supported by the foundation
  • Construction of 32 residential houses located in Safadasht, Karaj and delivering them to families in priority to receive housing
  • Granting Gharz al-Hasna loans and granting deposit for repairing and buying a house for 15 people
  • Preparing essential home appliances
  • Holding a pilgrimage-tourism program (one week) Travelling to the holy city of Mashhad for all clients and their family members
  • Holding recreational camps.
  • Holding”Booy e Mehr” celebration to start the school year and awarding stationery and teaching aids and appreciation of top students.
  • Paying for sports and entertainment classes.
  • Providing job counseling to start a business.
  • Granting self-employment and entrepreneurship loans to 8 people.
  • Providing conditions and facilities for working at home for mothers and clients who are the head of the family and those who are not able to work outside the home for some reason.
  • Holding Nowruz Charity Bazaar.
  • Establishment of a tailoring entrepreneurship department for the employment of mothers who are the heads of households and supported by the foundation
  • Preparing dowry and paying for the purchase of shoes and clothes
  • Providing occasional services to 262 families who did not meet the conditions for admission to the foundation but had a good living condition.

Psychology Department

  • Providing counseling services in solving family problems, marriage, divorce, education, etc.
  • Holding workshops such as parenting skills, life skills, puberty health and…

Education Department

  • Granting scholarships and financing students’ education from elementary school to undergraduate course (public universities) based on the specific scores of each degree
  • Holding individual and group educational counseling sessions
  • Scholarships for eligible students through institutions such as Qalam Chi and Gaj and high school and paying entrance exam tuition fees
  • Holding remedial classes and paying for students’ extra curriculum classes, such as language, computer, and… classes for 360 people were hold.

School building Department

  • Construction of a 15-class school with a capacity of accepting 1,200 students for each shift in elementary school (girls and boys) in Mallard Province
  • Ground breaking of a school in District 8 (Pardis) of Tehran, which has had 90% physical progress so far.
  • Allocation of one billion Tomans for the construction of two schools in deprived areas of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province.

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