School building; the secret of immortality

According to the School Renovation Organization, about 33% of the country’s schools are completely dilapidated, and to renovate these schools, a budget of 10,000 billion Tomans is needed. Based on these statistics, one third of the country’s schools are run down and do not have the necessary safety.  

If these schools are not renovated or secured, as we have seen in the past, there will be disasters in the future, and financial and human losses await students who are forced to attend such dilapidated schools. On the other hand, a large number of deprived villages and low-income areas in different provinces lack schools and basic educational facilities, and in these areas, there are many children and adolescents who have dropped out of school despite their high intelligence and talent.

The importance of school building

One of the most important aspects of development in any country is school and the possibility of education.Many cultural, social and economic problems can be solved with school and education in general. Education is the cornerstone of the cultural, social, political and economic development of any society. School is the first step in the ladder of teaching and building school is such a good and admirable activity. An examination of the factors influencing progress and development in advanced societies shows that all of these countries have had a powerful and efficient education. A cursory glance at the history of the world also reveals the fact that these societies flourished due to their emphasis on the fundamental position of the school, as well as on the growth and dynamism of the education system and symmetrical education system. It is noteworthy that the role and significance of human resources in the implementation of organizational programs is so important and valuable .Many thinkers believe that the difference between industrial and non-industrial countries is only in the quality of their human resources. Manpower has a special place in any society because it cannot be replaced by other resources and facilities.

مدرسه سازی
School building=Possibility of education=chancess of progress and development

School building and participation in school construction

Standard education and the possibility of education can eliminate many of the problems and difficulties of our dear country Iran and it trains skilled human resource for the country. The importance of manpower was previously discussed. In Iran, despite having a suitable population and a lot of talent, unfortunately, many children and adolescents in all parts of the country, especially in areas deprived of education, are left behind and their intelligence and talent are practically wasted. This concern has led people who are committed to humanity, as well as to the development of their homeland, to step forward and participate in school building and school construction. Given the country’s population, as well as Iran’s capacity, the number of schools and institutes are undoubtedly not enough for students and seekers of science and education.There are many areas that do not have schools yet. School building in a country that is in dire need of schooling and education is vital and very admirable. It’s a great activity that its effects will last forever. Through education many talents will be introduced to the country and society. By participating in school building, you will be expressing your concern to build your homeland.

How to help build a school?

Barin Charity Foundation was registered in State Welfare Organization in 2011 with the registration number 28935 and since then it’s been operating.

Barin is a charity organization that specializes in school building and educational problems. It focuses its efforts on education and especially in school construction. With the help of its benevolent philanthropists, Barin Foundation builds schools and appropriate and standard educational centers.

 Due to the importance of education and the blessings of teaching, this foundation prevents the loss of talents of the children of our beloved country Iran by keeping creating educational spaces.

Barin Foundation has built 46 schools in developed areas since 2011. These schools are working now and are educating our children. With the help of its school building donors, Barin is currently building nine new schools in the villages of Lorestan, West Azerbaijan, Sistan and Baluchestan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

In addition to school building and participation in school construction, facilitating educational conditions for children is another action taken by Barin Foundation. With the support of benevolent philanthropists, Barin supports poor children’s education and they receive a monthly stipend after joining Barin family bank card is issued for these children to receive this monthly stipend.It is worth noting that this amount is only for education, food and clothing .The rate of payment varies according to the average grade and educational progress of the children and the fulfillment of the foundation’s commitments.

مدرسه‌سازی و مشارکت در ساخت مدرسه
with the help of each other, we’ll build schools for our children

Ways to help the foundation in school building

If you have decided to be a part of this good cause and be involved in school building, there are several ways you can work with Barin Foundation. May all children in Iran have the opportunity to study and learn in a standard educational environment and never be deprived of education due to financial problems or lack of educational facilities.

And may they never endanger their lives by attending non-standard, non-resistant and unsafe classrooms that are made of bricks and mud.

Here are the ways you can help Barin Foundation in school building:

1- Cash assistance

One way to support Barin Foundation and join school-building donors is to provide cash and financial support. For this purpose, you can put your desired amount into Barin Foundation account via your bank card. All you have to do is entering the desired amount in the donation box in Tomans .Then connect to the bank portal by clicking on “Transfer to Bank”. We would be very happy if we have your name, mobile phone or email address to keep in touch with you and send you reports, but  it is optional to enter this information and the donor can remain anonymous by not entering the data. 

  • Enter the donation amount in Tomans and in English numbers.
  • your name, mobile number and email address is not mandatory, although it is recommended that you enter your information so we can inform you about how the amount is used
  • By clicking on “Transfer to Bank”, you will be directed to Saman Bank portal.You can pay with all Shetab network member cards

By filling out the form above, you can put money into Barin Foundation account online. It is completely safe. You can also put your cash donations into the following card number called Barin Shemiranat Charity Foundation:

  • Saman Bank: 6119861016580739
  • Parsian Bank: 6221061080000278

2- Non-cash assistance

Dear philanthropists, with prior coordination and by contacting the foundation’s office ,you can donate your donations to  Barin Foundation and receive a reciept.Non-cash donations for school construction or equipping educational centers can include a variety of items, some of which are:

  • Equipping schools and educational units
  • Equipping workshop or educational laboratory units
  • Helping making smart schools
  • Supporting underprivileged students
  • Joining Hamyar educational project

Please note that the institute is exempt from accepting second-hand goods due to preserving human dignity.