Project Done


Construction of a six-class Charity school in cooperation with Barin Foundation in East Azerbaijan Province

The school-building benefactors, with their deep understanding of the necessity of developing knowledge and the talents of children of this region, have helped to achieve bright horizons that deserve to be praised and honoured. Therefore, a respected donor with the collaboration of Barin […]

Construction of a participatory three-class Charity School, East Azarbaijan Province

Every nation that invests in education will be the first in the world in terms of economy, health, culture and communication, and will provide a suitable state for their country at all levels with micro, medium and macro planning. To flourish the talents […]

Construction of a three-class Charity School, in cooperation with Barin Foundation in East Azerbaijan

Young students and boys and girls are the future leaders and are significant members of society. The most critical period of life and developmental processes of human beings and personality begins in childhood, and schools have a crucial effect on it. Therefore, we […]

Meeting with the esteemed managers of the country’s school renovation, development and equipment organization

Meeting with Dr. Rakhshani Mehr, Head of School Renovation, Development and Education Organization and Deputy Minister of Education and Dr. Mohajerani, Deputy Minister of Planning and Development of Public Participation and other officials of the organization and Mr. Jafari, Managing Director of School […]
بازگشایی مدرسه رمین چابهار

A 6-class charity green school in Sistan and Baluchestan in cooperation with Barin Foundation

Ground-breaking of a green school in the village of Ramin In late March 2018, in Ramin village of Chabahar city of Sistan and Baluchestan province, the construction of two 6-class girls ‘and boys’ schools was started. The ceremony was held by the relevant […]
افتتاحیه مدرسه چاراویماق

A 3-class charity school in East Azerbaijan in cooperation with Barin Foundation

If you are a supporter or follower of Barin Foundation, you know that this foundation, along with its main goal of identifying and building schools in deprived areas, has always helped the affected people in some way during natural disasters such as floods […]
مدرسه عثمان آباد گلستان

A 3-class school in Osman Abad Aqqala, Golestan province

In May,this year, after the unfortunate floods that occurred in a number of cities and villages of the country, the Board of Directors of Barin, during a meeting with school-building donors who are constant supporters of the foundation, put the investigation of some […]
مراسم بازگشایی مدرسه خوراسب

The opening of the 10th Ferdows Barin School in Khorsab Village

Kharsab village in Azerbaijan province Kharsab village is located 63 km away from Urmia city in the green area of ​​Silvana Mahal Margour. This city is located in the southwest of West Azerbaijan province, 30 km west of Urmia city and in the […]
مدسه فردوس برین ۱۱

A 6-calass school of Ferdows Brin No. 11 in Delzi village of West Azerbaijan province

 یAnother project of Barin Foundation is the construction of a 6-class school in the village of Delzi in the city of Salmas. Delazi village is one of the deprived areas of the country which is located in Silvana village of Kuhsar district. It […]

A 3-class high school in Morkhani village

The ninth school construction project of Barin Foundation is in Morkhani village .This mountainous region is located in the deprived part of Dishmuk district of Kohkloyeh city. Most of the men and women in this village are engaged in animal husbandry and rainfed […]

Construction of a 3-class middle school in Imamzadeh Ali village

The eighth school construction project in Imamzadeh Ali started in September 2016. This village is located in Sarfaryab district and is a part of Charam city in Kohkolouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province. The construction of this school started in October 2016.The area of this […]

Construction of a 3-class school in the village of Bimanjgan

The seventh project to build a school in rural areas is related to the village of Bimanjgan in Yasuj city, which was completed in September 2016 and started working on October 20, 2017. This school area is in an area of ​​258 square […]

Construction of a 3-class school in Sarpari village

Based on its mission of building schools in deprived areas Barin Foundation started the construction of its sixth rural school in Yasuj city. The ground-breaking of a three-class primary school in Sarpari village of Yasuj city was held in September 2016 and started […]

Running water project in Mohammadabad and Qomsholo villages

Mohammadabad and Qomshloo are two villages out of 15 villages of Akhtarabad village. It is located 120 km from Tehran province and it is on the border of Markazi province. Akhtarabad is the largest village in Iran and has a score of 6 […]