Performance Report in 2020


Social work Department

  • Granting 15 cases of mortgage to clients
  • Introducing more than 20 patients who are sick and in great need to charities that collaborate with the foundation
  • Donating 172 Grocery Shopping Cards (Etka store)
  • Donation of 150 food item packages
  • Donation of 3 dowry packages (it’s been donated by a respected benefactor)
  • Donation 1 Sisimuni package (it’s been donated by a respected benefactor)
  • Donation of 58 pairs of shoes (it’s been donated by a respected benefactor)
  • Paying for the cost of 12 cases(buying a phone, repairing a laptop, repairing home furniture )
  • Payment of 7 subsidies for the purchase of goods
  • Donation of 400 boxes of sweets for Eid 1400
  • Visiting two houses
  • Sports support for the students and introducing them to Mr. Ali Akbari
  • Referral of 1 client to do orthodontics and giving medical subsidy to him
  • Attracting and replacing 27 new students in Tehran and other provinces
  • Donation of over 50 medical grants to the clients of the foundation and the introduced clients who do not have good financial conditions
  • Preparation of statistical lists in relation to demands, employment, failure and progress of students, skills, etc.
  • Periodically holding internal help meetings to review the conditions of clients
  • Providing conditions for selling clients’ products on Digi Kala site

Education Department

  • Educational follow-up for three periods of time and investigating the causes of failure and progress of 717 cases
  • System optimization for academic updates (760 items)
  • Talent Search of 40 students who are supported by the foundation
  • Acceptance of 15 clients in Tehran and other cities in public and Azad universities
  • Educational support (Tehran 250 cases and other provinces 140 )
  • Donation of over 200 volumes of free books to clients
  • Introducing 19 excellent students to participate in Entrance exam ‘s preparatory classes in Mobin Institute
  • Donation of over 20 grants for clients’ remedial classes
  • Paying the amount of 100 thousand Tomans for the students of the Foundation to provide stationery (Tehran, other cities)
  • Introducing 20 students to Qalam Chi Foundation for educational counseling (Tehran and other cities )


School building department

schools that have been opened

  • East Azerbaijan (Ferdows Barin 26)
    A three-class school in Qaleh Hosseinabad village, Charavimaq, thanks to Mr. Sidi
  • Sistan and Baluchestan (Ferdows Barin 19)
    A six-class school in Ramin Chabahar village, thanks to the efforts of Ms. Chaharbaghi
  • Golestan (Ferdows Barin24 )
    A three-class school in Aq Qala village, thanks to Mr. Kashefi

Schools that have been completed and are ready to be opened

  • Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari (Ferdows Barin12)
    A three-class primary school in Khosrowabad Koohrang
  • Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari (Ferdows Barin13)
    A three-class primary school in Ghale Sama,Lordegan
  • Khuzestan (Ferdows Barin 17)
    A three-class school in Abgarnak Sidon
  • Khuzestan (Ferdows Barin 18)
    A three-class Green Primary School in Masjed Soleiman
  • Sistan and Baluchestan (Ferdows Barin 15)
    A six-class high school in Mohammad Musa Tis Kopal
  • Sistan and Baluchestan (Ferdows Barin 14)
    A three-class primary school in Kahour Mehrestan

Schools under Construction

  • Lorestan (Ferdows Barin 16)
    A nine-class high school in Maskan-Mehr Boroujerd
  • Sistan and Baluchestan (Ferdows Barin 20)
    A six-class igh School Ramin Chabahar(Dear Ms. Chaharbaghi)
    The school is still in the basic process
  • Hormozgan (Ferdows Barin 21)
    A two-class school in Bidris Sandrak, Bandar Abbas
    The school is still in the basic process
  • Hormozgan (Ferdows Barin 22)
    A six-class primary school in Khorchah Bandar Abbas
    The school is still in the basic process
  • Golestan (Ferdows Barin 25)
    A six-class school in Shorhiat(Dear Mr. Kashefi)

The school is still in the basic process

Other actions:

  • Distribution of 1100 food packages to families affected by Corona disease

  • -Holding a meeting with the respected chairman of the country’s charity organization
    Dr. Ghofli in relation to schools
  •  Holding a meeting with a group of respected donors in connection with the construction of
    12 schools in West Azerbaijan and other places
  • -Holding numerous meetings in connection with running Barin Foundation educational platform
  • Predicting the construction of 2 schools in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, 3 schools in Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, 4 schools in
    Sistan and Baluchestan



Graphs related to the number of students

Tehran: A total number of 239 people
Other provinces: A total number of 140 people




Financial Department


  • School building
    18.340.000.000 Rials
    Clients’ allowance in Tehran and other provinces
    5,229,539,000 Rials


  • Scholarships and educational grants for clients 161,285,000 Rials
    Clients’ medical expenses 376,362,410 Rials
    Donation of clothing items
    8,790,000 Rials


  • Food, meat and poultry to the clients 540,955,517 Rials
    Clients’ living subsidy 18,300,000 Rials
    Clients housing repair subsidy
    3,500,000 Rials


  • Clients’ housing subsidy
    69,950,000 Rials
    Transportation of clients 500,000 Rials
    Payment of clients’ loans of Qarz al-Hasane Fund 57,350,000 Rials


  • Cost of holding the ceremony for the clients
    1,000,000 Rials
    Clients’ dowry allowance
    33,900,000 Rials
    Clients employment allowance
    85,743,000 Rials


  • Clients’ Etka cost
    2,206,745,761 Rials
    Educational and remedial classes
    1,340,000 Rials
    Prisoner release allowance
    1,110,000,000 RIA


  • The cost of purchasing detergents and hygiene for clients
    25,010,000 Rials
    The cost of sports support for clients is 800,000 Rials
    The cost of buying client prizes
    51,500,000 Rials


  • The cost of buying a laptop mobile for clients
    25,770,000 Rials
    The allowance to the dog camp is 750,000,000 Rials
    The cost of buying food for Kosar’s charity clients
    2,738,880,000 Rials

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