A 3-class school in Osman Abad Aqqala, Golestan province

مدرسه عثمان آباد گلستان

In May,this year, after the unfortunate floods that occurred in a number of cities and villages of the country, the Board of Directors of Barin, during a meeting with school-building donors who are constant supporters of the foundation, put the investigation of some flooded areas on its agenda. It was said that the city of Aqqala in Golestan province was one of the affected areas. When visiting various villages and areas of Aqqala city, it was clear that many schools needed to be rebuilt. Also in this study, a number of areas were facing a shortage of schools, one of which was the city of Osmanabad.
If you have read the news about visiting 7 schools in Aqqala, you have seen that due to earthquake and prolonged stay of Aqqala buildings in water ,buildings have severly been damaged .
Meanwhile, many schools same as residential buildings have been damaged badly to the point that some of them are no longer usable and must be demolished and replaced with new ones.

Construction of a new school in the city of Osmanabad

During a visit to various areas of Aqqala, Barin Charity Visiting Team inspected the city of Osmanabad, and according to the team, the city was facing a shortage of school.According to the latest census conducted in 2016, Osmanabad has a population of 35,116 people, which is not far from the mind that a high percentage of this population of 35,000 are students or children who are ready to study. As a result, there was a need for new schools in the city.

After the visiting team returned and oanalyzed their reports from schools and different regions, it was decided to build a new school in Osmanabad. The foundation’s liaisons in this city made the first arrangements with the relevant organizations.

The school has three classrooms in an area close to the residents’ neighborhood so that students can move around easily. Also, this school will be prepared for the education of 35 to 40 male and female students in the elementary level. The construction costs of school are covered by the great donor, Mr. Kashefi. 


Charity project of construction of a 3-class elementary school was opened with the presence of respected , well-educated and benevolent officials , and Mr. Kashefi in Early September 2020.



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