Condolences to the compatriots of Kermanshah

Public Relations:

We would like to express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the earthquake in the west of the country.
In order to fulfill its social responsibility towards its compatriots, Barin Shemiranat Charity Foundation is collecting your cash and non-cash donations and sending them to these areas.

To help your compatriots, you can send your donations to Barin Foundation in two forms of cash and non-cash ones:

For cash assistance, please donate your money to Saman Bank card number and Barin Shaba number so that the items needed by the victims can be purchased and sent.

 Non-cash assistance: currently very essential items are needed, including blankets and warm clothes (brand new)

Women’s and children’s hygienic supplies

Different types of canned food…

Tea, sugar and sugar

These items can be delivered to the address: units two and three, No. 24, Mirdamad Blvd., Barin Foundation



Or you can donate your cash via Saman Bank card number of Barin Foundation, 61219861016580739

 And Shaba number of Barin Charity Foundation

 IR50 0560 0815 8102 2261 6000 01

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