Construction of a school in the village of Kohan Kahvar


Barin Foundation is one of the largest charities in school building and thanks to its benevolent donors it been able to build more than 100 schools across the country, especially in disadvantaged areas and villages. One of the institute’s projects is the construction of a school in Kohan Kahvar.

What is the purpose of Barin Foundation in building school?

The main goal of the foundation is to promote the cultural and educational level of children in this land. In our country, there are villages that are still deprived of the most basic facilities, despite the advancement of technology and science. There are many villages that do not have facilities such as electricity, running water yet .So it’s obvious that there are no schools for educating children in these areas. Barin Foundation sends a team of colleagues to deprived villages and towns to do research. The group identifies areas that are deprived of schools or have dilapidated schools that are unsafe for children.Afterwards, they  inform the institute. In the post-research phase, the institute, with the help of school-building donors, begins to build schools in those areas. So children and adolescents in these regions will be able to educate which is their most natural right.

Construction of a 3-class school in Kohan Kahvar

The 14th Barin Charity Project is the construction of a 3-class school in the village of Kohan Kahvar. It’s in the city of Mehrestan, located in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan. Mehrestan city with 42/61 longitude and 18/27 latitude is situated 98 km from Saravan, 60 km from Sib and Soran, 120 km from Iranshahr, 120 km from Sarbaz and 145 km from Khash and is connected to Chabahar port through Sarbaz city. The occupation of men and women in this village is sometimes animal husbandry; women are also skilled in needlework, mat weaving, carpet weaving, etc…They usually make a living this way. The majority of the residents are Sunnis.

Ground-breaking ceremony of the school in Kohan Kahvar

The ground-breaking ceremony of this 3-class school in the village of Kohan Kahvar was held by the CEO of Barin Foundation, Mr. Jamshidian, and the relevant officials of the city. The capacity of this 3-class school is about 100 students, of which 33 are girls and 41 are boys. The school is currently 70 percent completed. The construction of this school has been fully funded by this foundation.

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