physical development

The physical development of of benefactor one_class elementary school, Qeshlaqlou village, Bijar city, Sanandaj city, Kurdistan province, with a substructure of 57 square meters.  

۲۰۲۲ summer classes

“The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting” Van Gogh The beginning of the drawing class for the help seekers of the Barin Shemiranat Charity Foundation, which is taught by the dear volunteers of this field.

Physical Progress

Physical progress of 6-class charity school in Halaj village, Silvana district, Urmia city, West Azarbaijan province      

Six-class school in Qaraneh village, West Azarbaijan province

Preventing dropouts among students is one of the priorities of implementing educational programs in this region, which is implemented with the interaction and cooperation of education, local trustees of villages, and the support of school benefactors. The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of […]

Two-class charity school in Mir Abad village, Silvana plain, West Azarbaijan province

Whoever learns science for the sake of God and follows it for the sake of God, and helps and teaches others for the sake of God, he will be remembered as a dignity and exalted in the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is the […]

Performance Report in 2021

School building Department Social work Department Education Department Graphs related to the number of students Financial Department School building Department Schools completed and ready to open Mohammad Musa 6th grade high school in Tis Kopan, Sistan and Baluchestan province 3-grade primary school in […]

Physical progress

Physical progress of Shirin Bolagh four-class project in Chaypareh city of West Azerbaijan province

Construction of a six-class Charity school in cooperation with Barin Foundation in East Azerbaijan Province

The school-building benefactors, with their deep understanding of the necessity of developing knowledge and the talents of children of this region, have helped to achieve bright horizons that deserve to be praised and honoured. Therefore, a respected donor with the collaboration of Barin […]

Construction of a participatory three-class Charity School, East Azarbaijan Province

Every nation that invests in education will be the first in the world in terms of economy, health, culture and communication, and will provide a suitable state for their country at all levels with micro, medium and macro planning. To flourish the talents […]

Construction of a three-class Charity School, in cooperation with Barin Foundation in East Azerbaijan

Young students and boys and girls are the future leaders and are significant members of society. The most critical period of life and developmental processes of human beings and personality begins in childhood, and schools have a crucial effect on it. Therefore, we […]

Meeting with the esteemed managers of the country’s school renovation, development and equipment organization

Meeting with Dr. Rakhshani Mehr, Head of School Renovation, Development and Education Organization and Deputy Minister of Education and Dr. Mohajerani, Deputy Minister of Planning and Development of Public Participation and other officials of the organization and Mr. Jafari, Managing Director of School […]

I will build a school for my mother

In the name of God He took my hand and stepped up to learn how to walk I grew up with a grandmother who took the path of goodness and charity from a young age. Everytime she talked about helping and loving needy […]


We wish you everlasting greenery, happiness, dynamic thought, freedom, and the enjoyment of all God-given blessings in the coming new year!Until Nowruz only one salutation from the sun is remained …With thousands of congratulations!Happy New Year Barin Shemiranat Charity Foundation

Performance Report in 2020

Social work Department Education Department School building Department Graphs related to the number of students Financial Department   Social work Department Granting 15 cases of mortgage to clients Introducing more than 20 patients who are sick and in great need to charities that […]