Holding confectionery workshop in Barin

کلاس آموزشی شیرینی‌پزی در خیریه برین

If you are a follower of Barin charity activities, you know that this charity doesn’t only build schools, but it also runs various programs to achieve its goals, which is fighting cultural poverty and replacing the culture of boosting people’s self-esteem instead of feeling sorry for them. One of the recent activities of Barin Charity Foundation was holding a confectionery training workshop. The workshop took place in the building of this foundation.

From building schools with the help of school-building donors to holding various educational classes, psychologies, parenting workshops, etc., all of these are for creating a better society. These activities altogether are to promote human self-esteem so that people with little financial ability can live a better life and grow in the community by relying on their skills and knowledge.

Confectionery and pastry class

The world of sweets and cookies is undoubtedly one of the sweetest in the world. This colorful and sweet atmosphere attracts many people. Learning a skill such as cooking a variety of sweets while being a valuable art can be a way for making money.

There is no happy occasion to be held without sweets, and these days the art of confectionery is much more advanced and colorful than before.

Since Barin is always pioneer in educating people, it had organized a workshop to teach confectionery and pastry at its center.

کارگاه شیرینی پزی
Confectionery Workshop in Barin

This confectionery workshop was held in two groups of 10 and 11 people for the mothers who are the head of the household and are supported by Barin Foundation. During a meeting, the confectionery instructor taught dear ladies how to work with cookie dough, decorate and prepare various cookies with different tools, and during this meeting, the students were able to decorate cookies to their liking.

The purpose of holding such training workshops at Barin Foundation is to create jobs and promote self-independence for female heads of households. Valuable art education, such as confectionery, can be useful for women who are living alone and it allows them to earn money.

The only way to earn money and be useful to the community is to acquire skills and education, and fortunately, Barin Foundation has been able to take a big step in this direction for the people it supports.

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