We’ll defeat Corona

پیام مدیریت بنیاد برین

In the name of God
With God’s help and the cooperation of all people, we will defeat Corona. Corona will surely go, as it first appeared, but it has taught great lessons to all of us and that’s appreciating what we have more. May this opportunity be a turning point to appreciate assets such as health, freedom, safety and tranquility, and to appreciate all the divine blessings. our sincere greetings to you – white-clad soldiers of hospitals, doctors and kind nurses .You may not have been able to go home for a long time and visit your family.

You have been so preoccupied with the problems and giving service to the #patients that you might have exposed yourself to the disease.
Barin Shemiranat Foundation
Amir Alagheband
April 2020

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