Construction of a 6-class school in the village of Tis Chabahar


Sistan and Baluchestan province, like many other provinces in the country, is made up of different districts and villages. Tis village is one of the villages in this province, which is located 5 km northwest of Chabahar.  Tis was one of the most important ports in Iran in the past, which was known as Tiz. Goods from East Asia and India were brought to the port and sent from there to many places. According to the latest census conducted in 2016, the village of Tis Chabahar has a population of 6348 people, and of course, it is very natural that students occupy a large part of this population.

In general, there are many regions and provinces in our country that do not have a suitable number of schools and educational centers due to the number of students or children and adolescents in that region, or if there are enough schools in them, they  definitely need to be rebuilt.  In this regard, school-building charities such as Barin Foundation are trying to identify these cities and villages and build new schools or rebuild old schools based on the numbers of the students in those areas.

Construction of a 6-class school in Tiss by Barin Charity Foundation

Barin Charity Foundation aims not to keep Iranian children away from learning and acquiring knowledge. In this regard, with the help of school-building donors, it has used all its strength and power to identify deprived areas and build schools in them. In line with this purpose, after extensive research in Sistan and Baluchestan province, the construction of a school in the t village of Kohan  Kahvar in Mehrestan and the village of Tis in Chabahar was put in the foundation’s school construction agenda. After doing investigation in  Chabahar region and examining the students of Tis village, the construction of a 6-class school in Tis Chabahar was approved.

Details of the construction of the school in the village of Tis Chabahar

This school is being built in the village of Mohammad Musa Tis Kopan. The intended grade for this training center is the first and second year of high school. Depending on the area of the land and its surrounding space, the school will include 6 classrooms for 30 female and 106 male students. Currently, the construction of this 6-class school in Tis Chabahar is nearing completion, and 75% of it has been built. In the near future, all classrooms and buildings will be completed and students of Tis Kopan will be offered to study and acquire knowledge in this educational center.

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